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The Evening Meal

Evening falls and the lights are on in the kitchen as I prepare the final meal of the day.  With my beloved feeling a bit under the weather, a steaming pot of homemade chicken noodle soup seems in order.
 I slice the carrots and celery, season and simmer the chicken broth and stir in the egg noodles as it comes to a boil on the stovetop.  The finishing touch is the tender chunks of chicken breast.  And the aroma is heavenly!  Soon our stomachs are filled with delicious sustenance.  

After this simple meal, I return to the kitchen to clean and put things away.  The blue bowls sparkle again; the heavy saucepan drains by the sink.  My eyes scan the counter tops and find stark beauty in the curved faucet and the stacked dishes on the open shelf.  My wedding ring sits on the window sill above the sink beside my favorite essential oil.  

Even the chippy striped cup that holds the scrub brush and dishwashing wand looks graceful in its functionality.  

Some might say that washing the dishes…

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