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Vintage Trucks & Angel Art

As September unfurls before us, I've been making some little changes around the cottage.  Our "look" or "style" is still evolving and my goal has been to eliminate clutter and fluff and only have pieces in our home that I truly love. This quote from William Morris pretty much sums it up for me -  With this in mind, I have added a couple of pieces that I truly LOVE!  
The first is this print from Round Top Collection, painted by Texas artist, Roxanne Spradlin.  Now, I love every element of this piece of art - the blue vintage truck, the pumpkins, the barn.  And it is cutely edged with galvanized tin, making it so unique.  When I came across this, I ordered it right away and I really believe it will stay out past the current season.  Something about it just speaks right to my heart and pulls me into another world of days gone by. 
You can browse other pieces by Roxanne Spradlin and other artists at the Round Top Collection Gallery.  

The second piece of art I am…

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