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Day 7 - The Opportunity to Blog!!!

When I started blogging here at "Janie's Porch", just over two years ago, I didn't realize just how valuable and important the project would become in my life....

I have learned much, mostly through trial and error.  I have studied other blogs and gleaned information and pointers on style and content.  And, through a process over time, have become comfortable with where my blog is heading.  I know what I like to look at and read, and I know what I want to talk about, so the direction of "Janie's Porch" has evolved.  In fact, it continues to evolve and change as my life changes, reflecting the journey from my perspective.

When I first started blogging, I contacted the writer of a blog I greatly admire.  She was so gracious to give me advice and feedback, helping me to develop my own style.  She encouraged me to add photos to the blog to make it visually interesting and that is one part of blogging that I truly enjoy - capturing images to share my thought…

Day 6 - Do You Hear What I Hear???

This morning, I sat on the back porch and felt the sun, warm on my face.  The dogs were scampering around the yard; the birds were chirping; the air was very still.  And I heard....bells

Church bells, to be exact.  Keep in mind, the nearest church that has bells in the tower is at least two miles away from our house.  I don't think I have ever heard the sounds of their music from here before.  But, this morning, I could hear it very distinctly....carrying across the distance, sweet and pure.

It was a wonderful moment.  I just sat very still, listening to the peal of the bells and counting the strikes of the clock.  Nine o'clock....each ring as clear as the one before.

I simply soaked it all in....until the music faded away.

What a beautiful way to start the day.  It was a gift, both for the hearing and the soul.  And for that, I am truly thankful.

Enjoying the sounds of the season....


Day 5 - Grace

This afternoon was a special opportunity to meet up with my daughter and her fiance downtown for some impromptu photo shooting.  We met at 5:00, as the sun was already well over into the western sky and the shadows were very long.  Initially, it was obvious they felt awkward posing for the camera, but they eventually relaxed and I think we got some pretty good shots. 

As I strolled around the streets downtown, my eyes lifted upward and I saw my Blessing for today.....

This is the sign that sits atop the historic Grace Hotel here in Abilene.  The neon lights had just come on.  However, from my vantage point, the word Grace was unlit.  Disappointing from a wannabe photographer's viewpoint, but I didn't take it as a divine sign!  After all, the blessing was that my focus was lifted upwards and my thoughts turned to Grace.

Grace means free gift.  In Greek, it is the word, charis, which is literally a free gift.  The most common definition used in Christianity is "God's un…

Day 4 - Getting Out of the House!

I have been battling "the crud" for a couple of weeks now.  I even broke down and went to a walk-in clinic earlier in the week to see if I could get some help with shaking this awful congestion before Thanksgiving.

However, I am my own worst enemy when it comes to taking care of myself.  I always feel the need to Go, Go, Go - even when I should slow down and get some extra rest so my body can heal.  It became very apparent to me yesterday that I had overdone it and I ended up in my jammies, curled up in bed and dozing, by 3:00 pm!

All that extra rest had me feeling much better this morning!  The challenge was to avoid overdoing it today and ending up back in that same spot.  So, I took the day a little easier....

I hadn't been in the car since Wednesday afternoon and was feeling a bit of "cabin fever" this afternoon.  So, after showering and bundling up against the cold north wind, I decided to head out for a little bit.  After stopping at Sonic for a coke and …

Day 3 - The Beauty in Nature

This is the view of my neighbor's oak tree across the street.  It is stunning - I wish the photograph did it justice!  Here in this part of the world, we don't get a lot of "color" when the leaves fall in the Autumn.  But, this tree turns a vibrant shade of red before retiring for the Winter.  I can see it from my front porch, from any window on the front side of our house, and I have to pause each time it catches my eye and give thanks. Today, I am thankful for the beauty found in Nature all around us.  Even as leaves on this tree die, they present their best and give proof that there is a great Artist in control.  
God is good ~ just look around and see!  
Counting blessings, great and small..... Jane

Day 2 - Decking the Halls

Today was Black Friday.  Many braved the frenzied crowds in the dark of night to head out for great shopping deals.  But not this gal......

I decked the halls!  Well, at least I got a good running start on getting the inside of the house all decorated for the holidays. 

After about 9 hours of it, I have called it a night.  The trees are up and trimmed in the living room - but all my bows are MIA. 

  The garland is lit on the piano top and the hutches - but the front porch is still dark. 

As I worked, I alternately listened to Christmas music and popped DVD's in to keep the dogs entertained. 

And now I am just thankful to be done!   (Or at least at a stopping place until tomorrow.....)

Even though I was busy, I had the time to focus on just how fortunate we are - especially at this time of year.  We have this wonderful, cozy, little cottage that we get to call "HOME".  It is vintage and suits us perfectly.  It is warm and filled with love.  To own our home outright gives us…

Day 1 - A Day of Thanksgiving

Today kicks off my month-long project of daily posts about the many Blessings in my life for which I am thankful.

It is Thanksgiving ~ a day set aside to be with family and give thanks for the abundance of gifts from God.

I won't stretch and call it a day of, not really a day of rest.  For today, Eddie and I prepared a traditional Thanksgiving meal for our family.  Turkey, cornbread dressing, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, yummy yams, fruit salad, pumpkin pie.........well, you get the picture!  It's a lot of work in the kitchen (not to mention the craziness of the supermarket just to get everything).  But, this is a chore which gives me great joy to perform.  And the delicious smells that have filled this house for the past couple of days are a blessing on their own! 

On this day, I am thankful for this special time set aside to lift up prayers of Thanksgiving.  A day to reflect and be with family.  I'm thankful that we are able to prepare such a delici…

Knocking Back Stress (aka Resisting the Urge)

I'm trying really hard not to feel like I'm running behind!  In the last few days, I have learned that both my daughter, Bonnie, and my mother have put up their Christmas trees and started decking their halls! 

Then I go online and browse through my favorite blogs and see a Winter~Wonderland~Holiday~Bonanza going on out there! 

Oh, my....OH, MY!!!  The temptation, the urge, the feeling of obligation to keep up is pounding at my door!

However, I am truly resisting the urge to start dragging out boxes and crates.  It's an undertaking that simply takes more than one day to accomplish.  I haven't had a day yet to devote......

And perhaps that is a good thing! 

I have decided to view it this way ~

It is too early to decorate for Christmas and Life's pace has reminded me of this.  Next week, after taking the time to stop for a day and give Thanks in an appropriate manner, I will have the rest of a long weekend to prepare our home for Christmas.  This is the way it will be…

Under Foot....Defined!

This is what I must contend with when I try to sit down at the desk in my home office.....

Bless his heart!  Jake just doesn't realize that he does NOT fit under the desk!  Every time he does this, he lays on the power strip and shuts me down.  Eddie says "He just wants to be close you.....". 

Side note ~ I recently got the settings on my camera all messed up and out of whack!  Still working on getting it lined out so I will have it ready to grab-on-the-go when I start counting my "30 Days of Blessings" later this month.  I actually have had to pull the owner's manual out to try to figure this will be a tremendous blessing if I can just figure it out!

Loving my pups today!


Getting into the Spirit of Thanksgiving!

Lately, I've been noticing a trend of Thankfulness going around on Facebook.  I'm sure you have seen it - people post each day about something for which they are thankful.  It's a beautiful thing to watch.....

As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, I've been thinking about starting a project similar to this.  But, I think my blog is a better platform to post about things for which I am thankful. 

As I consider this project, I realize that it is a huge commitment - to post each day about a Blessing in my life.  One Blessing a day - with as much or as little detail as seems appropriate.  Photos included - or not.  But, if I would commit to doing this on a daily basis, it would mean making the effort and taking the time to truly note the Blessing. 

I have been reading a wonderful book - "One Thousand Gifts" by Ann Voskamp. 

 It has inspired me to start keeping a journal of sorts, listing even the smallest "gifts" which I notice.  Part of the act of Th…

Welcome, November...

Good morning, November!!!

You have arrived sunny, windy and crisp.  With carved pumpkins still sitting on the steps out front, and leaves drifting down to settle on the lawn.  Like a breath of fresh air, you came during the night.

Now my thoughts turn towards nesting; cozying up on chilly evenings with a cup of steaming cider.  Darkness falls before the dinner hour.  The smell of fireplace smoke floats in the air. 

You are my favorite, you know.  My favorite time of the year.  Before the Christmas frenzy starts, when the world pauses to take a look around and reflect on all the Blessings bestowed in the Harvest. 

Stay for a while and let me take it all in.  Soak up the weakening rays of the sun on late afternoons, scuff along in the leaves.  Enjoy time with the Loved Ones. 

Welcome, November......