Friday, July 15, 2011

Give Me Some Feedback....

So, I'm thinking about getting a Kindle.  Anyone have one and can give me some product feedback?

I have always been an avid reader!  I remember my first trips to the public library as a child for story time; the unique-somewhat-musty smell of the place and the weight of large picture books in my arms as I proudly walked through the heavy doors of the Children's Department with my mother.  I still do the library thing quite a bit.  I mean, that's a great deal - getting to read books for absolutely free!  But, there's that tricky little thing called a "due date" that seems to get in my way....

Generally, I pick up used paperbacks.  But, occasionally I spring for a new one, particularly if I am going to be traveling.   However, there's the issue of what to do with the paperback once you've read it - particularly if it wasn't what you would consider a "keeper".  These seem to pile up in a box until I've accumulated enough to carry to the hospital auxiliary for donation.  

With all the latest technology, it appears you can order just about any book and download it directly to your Kindle quickly and for less than the cost of the paperback.  This idea is very appealing to me!   I can just envision myself, curled up with a good "book" displayed on this lightweight, portable device.  They advertise that the screen can now be viewed easily in bright sunlight.  I can imagine adding to my library of good reads without taking up a single inch of space on a bookshelf. 

So, tell me.  Have you tried the Kindle yet?  Or perhaps one of the other devices, such as the Nook?  I would love to hear how you're liking - or not liking - this little modern-day gadget!  So, share away!

Headed off to curl up with a paperback...for now.  Sweet dreams to all!


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  1. Jane,

    I have both the Kindle and the Nook Color. Each has it's good points, but I prefer the Nook Color over the Kindle because of WiFi online access.

    The Nook Color also has a full color screen vs the white screen on the Kindle. Because of the color and internet options, the Nook Color will lose its battery charge quickly, I have to charge it overnight every time I use it. The Kindle's charge, even while reading books will last for days.

    When turning a page on the Kindle, you push a button on the side. When turning a page on the Nook Color, you use the touch screen feature. Believe it or not, that little click that the Kindle button makes when turning pages while reading at 2:00 in the morning can annoy your better half, LOL !

    The Nook Color screen will reflect sunlight and it is harder to read in a bright light setting. The Kindle's screen was designed to be used outdoors and there isn't a glare on the screen. While reading, the Kindle's screen seems to be very pleasing to the eye.

    Both are good, the Nook Color is much higher priced. If getting on the internet from your chair or while in a hotel, etc., is not a priority, Go with the Kindle. If you only intend to use it for reading books, go with the Kindle.

    When you are over on this side of town, drop by and you can compare both side by side for yourself. I think I saw a FB post where you have a open house over here this Sunday? We'll be home !



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