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Chats on the Farmhouse Porch....a Linked Visit

It's Tuesday....and this past weekend's project is still sitting on the kitchen table....not even started! 

I feel something akin to shame that I still haven't started painting the shelf Eddie made and the other two pieces that are getting a "facelift".  My best intentions this past weekend were simply shattered by this thing we call "Real Life".....

But, I have no regrets that my time was not spent with a paint brush in my hand.  Instead, I met some wonderful new people while showing a new listing of mine and spending some time with my mother on Saturday afternoon.  And Saturday night was wonderful with both of the boys here for hamburgers cooked on the grill.  Sunday?  Well, Sunday is actually a blur of resting and being somewhat lazy, throwing in a few loads of laundry here and there, and making a Herculean effort to push the painting project out of my mind.  It was one of those "lost days" where you have trouble recalling what you even did…