Monday, June 14, 2010

BIG CHANGES...oh, yeah!!!

Life has changed so much for me in the last month - literally! 

It was just one month ago that I walked away from a job as a legal assistant after only 6 weeks.  The first few days were a period of recovery and adjustment.  I was emotionally and physically exhausted from my battle over whether or not to stay in that position.  I struggled with it from day one on the job and when the job kept changing, things only got worse.  I knew in my heart, it was not what I needed to be doing, but I was lured by the paycheck and the moral obligation I felt to be working at a steady job.  Finally, there was a moment when I realized that I wasn't failing at the job - the job was failing me.  It was not the right "fit" for me.  That realization helped to assuage the guilt I was feeling over quitting. 

Within a few days of that epiphany, I had made a couple of major decisions:
  • I needed to change careers!  I no longer wanted to work in the legal industry.  Nor did I want to be tied to a strict 9-5 job.  After considering some different options and doing alot of research, I decided to pursue an idea that I have toyed with for many years.  Now, I am studying to take the state license exam to become a real estate salesperson!
  • I needed to be better to my body and take care of myself so I can enjoy this life to its fullest.  With this in mind, I joined a health club at the local hospital.  After meeting with a personal trainer and learning that I had over 36 per-cent body fat and could not do a single sit-up, I committed to a regimen of exercise and healthy eating in order to accomplish some fitness goals.  
As you can imagine, my average day is quite different now than it was just one short month ago! 

I will be sharing more about the changes being made and the results and benefits I am seeing in upcoming posts.   This journey is truly eye-opening and exciting and I can't wait for you to travel along with me!

More later....


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