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BIG CHANGES...oh, yeah!!!

Life has changed so much for me in the last month - literally! 

It was just one month ago that I walked away from a job as a legal assistant after only 6 weeks.  The first few days were a period of recovery and adjustment.  I was emotionally and physically exhausted from my battle over whether or not to stay in that position.  I struggled with it from day one on the job and when the job kept changing, things only got worse.  I knew in my heart, it was not what I needed to be doing, but I was lured by the paycheck and the moral obligation I felt to be working at a steady job.  Finally, there was a moment when I realized that I wasn't failing at the job - the job was failing me.  It was not the right "fit" for me.  That realization helped to assuage the guilt I was feeling over quitting. 

Within a few days of that epiphany, I had made a couple of major decisions:
I needed to change careers!  I no longer wanted to work in the legal industry.  Nor did I want to be tied to a…