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Ever notice.....

How wonderful (and rewarding) it feels just after you've cleaned house?!?!?!?

I mean one of those deep cleans...where you go beyond what you normally do.  Not just a quick dust, then a run-through with the vacuum and a swish of the mop. 

Seems like lately I just haven't had a lot of time to devote to housekeeping.  I try to run the vacuum a few times a week - that is an absolute necessity with three dogs in the house most of the time.  And I dust about once a week; mop about the same unless there is a spill.  By the end of the week, it's just starting to feel sorta disgusting to Momma raised me better than that!

This morning, though, I got in a MOOD!  I felt the NEED to go into the corners and do some Spring-like cleaning.  So, I hit it early - and hard. 

I even laundered and pressed my kitchen curtains!  They were beyond looking a little dingy....but, they're WHITE again now. 

I cleaned blinds, windowsills, baseboards.  Vacuumed lampshades and furniture.  Wi…

Happy Father's Day, DADDY!!!

Well, here it is....just a couple of hours until Father's Day.  A perfect time to reflect on how I have been so tremendously blessed by that special man in my life.....

My Daddy!
Okay, so maybe it seems weird that a 50-year old woman is still calling her father "Daddy".  But, he will always be "Daddy" to me.

My father is a very special man.  He may have grown up in a small West Texas town.....

but he is a world traveler now! 

I am thankful he always comes home to Texas - even though he is not really a cowboy at all.  I think I had to bribe him to get him to put on Eddie's cowboy hat at my sister's wedding reception. 

He enjoys great health, largely due to his level of physical activity.  He devotes many hours to delivering Meals On Wheels to shut-in's and walks the mall or the track at Redbud Park almost daily when he is in town.  He often rides his bike all the way over to our house - that's gotta be more than 6 miles round trip on some heavily…