Sunday, May 16, 2010

Putting It All Together...

Can I get a drum roll....FINALLY????

Thankfully, after many weeks of work (and a whole lot of waiting), the kitchen remodel is just about wrapped up! 

I spent yesterday finishing paint touch-ups, scrubbing the floor, and "putting it together".  The morning started out gray and dreary and I really didn't want to pick up the paint brush and get started.  But, as the day progressed, the sun broke through the clouds and I found my energy and spirits building.  By late afternoon, sunlight was flooding through the windows and highlighting my progress ~ just what I needed to keep me motivated and going! 

I know there are boxes still hiding out there in the garage, so some modifications will undoubtedly have to be made, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say we're about 90% done.   So, I'm just going to throw some pictures in here and give you a look-see....

You notice that there is no hardware on the cabinets yet.  That is intentional.  We're still waiting on some of the doors to be replaced due to finish problems...and I'm not sure what kind of handles/knobs I want ~ if any.  So, we're living with it this way for awhile.

I'm so happy about the way the beadboard turned out on the backsplash ~ Eddie did such a great job installing it.  I had a vision in my head of how it would look and it surpassed my expectations for brightening the area under the cabinets.  (Well, the white beadboard combined with the pair of brushed nickel accent lamps I picked up at a local shop ~ $15 for the pair.)

A couple of my favorite touches...

This colorful Mexican ceramic pot holding our utensils, found at El Mercado on one of our many trips to San Antonio ~

And this hand-stitched apron from Biale Vineyards that was a present from a friend who took a trip to Napa Valley and remembered me.  Aren't the colors just perfect???  And to think, it has been hiding in a gift box for the last two years!

The dining area adjoins the kitchen and it got some finishing touches, also.  Jesus, our guardian angel carved from pinon wood, found his new spot overlooking the table.  Bought on our first trip together to Santa Fe, he brings happiness and protection to our home.

I absolutely love the way the afternoon light comes through this double window....and the windows in the living room beyond (through the doorway there)...

Sam and Savanna came over this evening and we all sat down at the table together and enjoyed a home-cooked meal.  What a wonderful feeling ~ to just sit and enjoy the fruits of our labor and a delicious meal with family! 

We have accomplished so much in this room.  My spirits are lifted to see it all coming together!!!  And after the week I had, I needed this to happen so badly yesterday.  (That's a whole 'nother story and I'll be sharing that soon.)  As I get ready to retire this evening, I look back over the weekend and count it as a blessing!

So, how about you?  What was your blessing this weekend?  C'mon, I know something good happened to bring you a bit of joy this weekend!  Maybe it was nothing as major as finishing a big project like this, but a little moment that made you smile.  I'd love to hear about it!

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Rest well, friends.


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