About the Porch

What happens when a "wannabe writer" discovers Blog World?  She goes nuts trying to capture all her thoughts and put them in writing, of course!!!

Along the way, she discovers that the focus required to maintain a blog is the same kind of focus required for maintaining Joy in the Real World.  It's all about seeking beauty and meaning in the little things that God has placed in her Path and accepting the Blessings He has already laid out for her. 

Lo and behold, she finds that her World is filled with so many Blessings and writing about and photographing them helps her to recognize and appreciate those Blessings. 

That Journey is not only a personal one for me, but one for this Blog.  It is an evolving process, changing a bit here and there, finding its way.  Writing about things helps me to put them into perspective, sharpen the focus.  Whether or not anyone reads or comments on what I have written isn't the Goal.  The Goal is to realize where I am in this Life and where I need to be. 

I call this project "Janie's Porch" because I want it to feel  like a laid-back conversation between friends on the front porch, glass of iced tea or cup of coffee in hand.  No ranting or preaching from the soapbox; no listing of accomplishments or craft projects that try to make me look like the next Martha Stewart; no Decorating 101.  (Well, maybe a craft project here and there...but, trust me, you will never compare me to Martha Stewart.)

So, check in now and then to see where my thoughts have been rambling.  Sit and visit awhile and leave a comment here and there.  Share the Journey with me and maybe both our Lives will be enriched.

See ya on the Porch!!!


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