Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Gift of Life

There's a new show on CBS on Sunday nights that has really captured my attention. "Three Rivers" is about the organ transplant program at a hospital in Pittsburg. I know there are probably alot of medical inaccuracies in the show, but the concept is noteworthy because it brings a very important topic to the forefront - organ donation.

Many people in this country and around the world are waiting for a second chance at life. That chance will only come through the priceless gift of a donated organ. Of course, for someone else that means the loss of a loved one. For each family that experiences the joy of receiving the gift of life another family experiences the tremendous grief of loss.

From what I understand, just one organ donor can bless many other lives. Aside from the obvious organs such as the heart, lungs and kidneys, many other organs can harvested for transplant. These include the liver, corneas, ligaments and tendons, even skin tissue. According to the U. S. Dept. of Health & Human Services, up to 50 people can by helped by a single organ donor! Can you imagine that?

The tremendous decision of donating organs lies with each of us. To avoid putting our loved ones in the position of having to make that difficult decision while in the emotional throes of loss, each of us should make that decision in advance - now. It is as simple as signing up for the organ donor program when you renew your driver's license. You are then enrolled in the donation program and you will receive a special notation to attach to your driver's license. This alerts medical personnel to the fact that you wish to be an organ donor. You should also advise your family of your decision so they can honor your wish to extend the gift of life to others.

While it is difficult to comtemplate our own mortality, this is one area that can be addressed in advance. Just think of the joy your decision could bring to others - a second chance at life. What a blessing and comfort for your loved ones to know that you are giving such a precious gift to another family. Perhaps that knowledge would help them in their time of loss, help them to see a silver lining in the clouds of their grief.

I have personally made the decision to be an organ donor and I encourage each of you to do the same. Somehow I think that even though our own lives end here on this earth, we will have the joy of seeing how our life lives on in others from the other side of eternity.

Oh, and by the way...check out "Three Rivers" on CBS at 8:00 p.m. on Sunday nights. There are some really touching storylines....and a couple of pretty hot doctors!


  1. Hi Jane,
    Although I must be careful with my time and also not being too dominating your comments too much(hello,other invited gasts,where are ya,ll??)I like to respond on this.
    Probebly also because of my background as a teacher in basic physiology and biophysics,I already got interested in this subject years ago because it raised many questions.

    must send this now because my old computer throws me out from time tI.ll be back

  2. By the way: I fully agrea with you that each person decide for it,s self regarding important life issues. That,s actually what the word:emancipation stands for,although it,s often missunderstood. It simply means: taking your life into your own hands and be responsible for it.

    Unfortunately,I had to find out that governments not always have just our best interest in mind. Just follow for instance what politicians promiss us when they run for election and what happens with these promisses after they,ve been elected.
    The media also are often influanced by the elite in trying to make us believe what they like to.All These things made me decide to put questions behind important issues at least, intitle to make up my own mind.

    These questions are my personal ones and what I decided after I worked them out is also my opinion,so I don,t want to influance anyone in this regard.

    -is organ donation really a priceless gift?
    -since it became possible to transplant organs from one body into another,the medic industry began to "ädvertise" it. Advertising is way to create needs who don,t excist yet among us.
    Ofcours,many of us would like to be able to live longer than our normal genetic time. What,s even more apealing: we could probebly be able to do all those NICE unhealthy things that make us feel so good but we know that they probebly will damage some vital organs.
    Is this really beneficial or not?Or at the end like it always goes,only for the rich and powerful?

    -there,s the matter of the immune system: after a transplantation,it must be constantly suppressed by medicines.
    That,s profitable for the farmaceutical industry,but what are the emediate side effects or in the long run?
    -what would happen to the adrenal cortex in the long run?
    - how about cell memory?
    Although it,s not proven yet,medics and scientists discovered that our memory and consciense is not just mainly located in the brain,but also in each cell of our body.
    There are many excamples of strange unexplainable changes in taste,attitute, character and even sudden unexplainable emotional trauma,s after a transplantation.They are still trying to find an explanation for that.

    Ofcours there are many more questions to ask: ethical and many others. I will leave that to others because I made up my mind in a simple way.

    As for me,since I don,t like to mess around with nature(the bill for that always is presented after a few or many years....but it will),organ transplantation is not an issue:I won,t cross that line for myself.

    As for others: if some of my material might still be appealing to someone after I,m gone I would say:"Go ahead.....but it,s your risk,I,m quite excentric,so you will probebly not have a quiet rest of your

  3. You raise some interesting points, Margrit. Thanks for your viewpoint!

  4. Hi Jane,

    Thaks for your reaction. Since I don,t never find enough time/patience to use a dictionary,I realize that my English is far from perfect,so excuse me for the inconvenience. Your Dad is used by now to my Dutchlish as I like to call it. Well,better keep the honor to yourself,by inventing something new and original, as we say here,than admit that you,re actually to lazy.

    so long!!
    p.s. only my email name is accepted; I don,t know what,s wrong with my christian name. Must wait untill my friend Josette can help me out. She,s great with computer problems

  5. very well said and very well written.
    why i love you like i do


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