Saturday, October 24, 2009

Moments to Remember

There is a song on the new George Strait album, "Twang", that simply strikes a chord deep within me. The lyrics go like this:

"It's not the breaths you take, the breathing in and out, that gets you through the day, ain't what it's all about. You might just miss the point trying to win the race. It's not the breaths you take, but the moments that take your breath away."

My life has been full of moments that took my breath away - both good and bad. As is the case for most people, many of those moments passed without my noticing them until they were behind me. But, looking back, some of them stand out in bold contrast and can truly be described as pivotal moments in my life. For example:

* The first time I held each of my newborn children in my arms, my heart expanding with a mother's love and the undeniable awareness that I was responsible for the care and nurturing of this new little person.

* The moment I realized my first marriage was at its end. A long and formative chapter in my life was over, but a whole new chapter was waiting to unfold.

* The first time Ed took me in his arms and led me around the dance floor in a two-step - I found my "dancin' feet" and realized that having fun was a good thing.

* Sitting in front of a roaring fire in the backroom at Perini's when Ed pulled out a ring box and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. Although we had talked about getting married and even gone so far as to look at rings, his formal proposal will always stand out in my mind as one of the most romantic moments ever.

* Driving away from Lubbock on August 1, 2009, after moving Ben there to attend Tech. Both he and Sam stood in the front yard, waving goodbye as I pulled away, and the realization struck me that my babies were grown. The tears started to fall and didn't stop until nearly Plainview.

* Walking away from the office for the final time from a job that literally made me physically sick for five years. What a feeling of relief and euphoria to have that part of my life behind me. It was like a sack of bricks had been lifted from my shoulders and the opportunities ahead were limitless.

All of us have moments that change our lives. Sometimes they are not "big" moments, but quiet moments that steal up on us and ultimately define who we are. I know that I am thankful for each of these moments and where they have brought me. Who I am is the result of those moments that have "taken my breath away."

What moments have changed your life?


  1. Hi Jane,
    Since there is almost no aspect in life that doesn,t have my interest I,ve been in so many differant situations and cercomstaces that I simply have too many special moments,now that I started to think about it. But if you like to know,I will tell you some very special experiances that helped me become who I am so far.

    - The blessing and joy of bringing a new life
    into the world. That overwhelming experiance
    made me really humble and a little scared too
    I realized that my guidance,excample and behavior would be very important to help her develope into a happy,independant individual,who,s able to make her own choices in life.
    Watching her grow up and develope into the person she became so far,was,and still is the most intersting,frightning and joyful experiance of my life. It also was very educational for me because if you,re open minded,children can teach you a lot too intitle to grow as a person.

    - The blessing of Love.
    To learn to realize to real meaning behind the word. The joy of giving and receiving.The great feeling of being connected in spirit,or body and spirit together.
    Each time I feel deep love for and connection with someone or somethingfor a ,the wonder of nature,beautiful music,a book that really touches me,a special piece of art or architecture.....than that is another very special experiance that makes me grow.

    Keep on going,

  2. forgot another very special experiance.
    How strange it may sound, it,s deep sadness.
    If you know the feeling of deep grieve,it really changes the way you look at life in general.

  3. You are so right, Margrit. Grief is a powerful thing and can be life changing.

  4. Hi Jane, Yes, all through our lives we pass these mileposts. Sometimes they are indeed, turning points. The end of something, or the beginning of something else. A new road to travel. A new chapter in our lives. Sometimes it's a difficult choice we must make. But life is an adventure. We never know what lies ahead. We just MUST believe that it's something better for us.
    And the mileposts just keep on coming. We must, as you say,try to live each day to the fullest. That's not as easy as it sounds... Is it?
    Did you invite Jackie and Bill to your blog? Are Margrit and I going to dominate your comments?
    I think your blog is great. Thanks for starting it. Dad

  5. Well James, I think we should indeed step aside for a moment before this blog get,s too serious.
    How about some humor for a balance,huh??


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