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Some of My Favorite Things...

I have always loved cookbooks. From the time I was a little girl flipping through the pages of my mother's binder-style "Better Homes & Gardens" cookbook, I loved to look at the photos of the finished dishes and scan for dishes that appeared particularly appetizing. I READ cookbooks like some people read fiction!!!

I was so enamored with my mother's cookbook that she bought me my very first cookbook of my own - and I still have it!

I am particularly fond of this one, which I received as a wedding gift some 28 years ago. The author, Jane Justin, was the wife of the founder of Justin Boots, and it was from this cookbook I learned to make meatloaf.

Eddie Dale has definitely fostered my love of cookbooks. Now this is the cookbook I gave him our first Christmas together, so now it's kinda mine by association. Tom Perini is special to the two of us because my husband proposed to me at Tom's steakhouse in Buffalo Gap, in front of a roaring fireplace in the back r…

Let the Countdown Begin!!!

Counting down...11 days until we close on our little cottage in Abilene and begin the move! Literally, we are beginning the move on January 28th, the day we close. We take our first load down that morning. Should be a fun day, huh? But our reward will be sleeping that night in our new home.

Our place in the country here is looking pretty "nekkid" since we've started packing. Most of the pictures and wall hangings are down now.

But, seeing this cleared expanse of wall reminds me how much I love this color - Laura Ashley Olive 4.

The bookcase and hutch are bare.

Boxes are stacking up, mostly in the Texas Room.

We have cleaned out, purged and organized.

We have accomplished so much this weekend and Eddie Dale is looking pretty proud of himself! We have the cellar cleared and ready to load. We filled every box we could put our hands on. We filled the back of our F250 with another load of trash and found many items to donate to local charities.

And we have a lot of …

It's a Little Sad.....

to be packing up in preparation to leave this house that has been such a wonderful home!

Since it's only 13 days until we need to be in Abilene to close on our new house, we decided to get started with the packing process. First off, we scored some boxes at a local liquor store while we were in town today. I love these size boxes because I can put heavier objects, like books, in them and they are small enough that they won't be too heavy for me to lift.

Then we stopped by a local U-Haul vendor and found this great paper for packing! I just love this much better than newspaper. We bought two 10-pound boxes and I only used about half of one box today.

Today's portion of the packing project took about two hours. I used every single box we got our hands on today and was able to pack everything in my bookcases, all the framed photos and 'knick-knacks' from around the house, most of the smaller framed items off the walls and everything off my hutch. I a…

One of the Little Perks....

There have been so many blessings to come out of the situation we have found ourselves in since Ed lost his job last month!

* Family and Friends have surrounded us with love and a sense of support and encouragement.

* We found the courage to take the leap of Faith and relocate to Abilene - something we have been "talking about" and "planning on" for some time!

* God led us to a house we love in Abilene and opened the door for us to buy it - and He led a family to buy our house to become their new Home.

But, one of the most unexpected little blessings has been one of my favorites - I have discovered what is like to have a "Housewife"!!!

Okay, okay...I know that sounds somewhat sexist, but let me explain.

Since Ed isn't working right now, and we find ourselves in a state of limbo before we move, he has time on his hands. Right? And I have been working extra hours so I have had less time than usual for taking care of the things around the house that a…

Janie Finds a New Porch!!!

What a busy three days we have had!

We traveled to Abilene on Thursday afternoon in frigid temperatures to resume our house hunt. We braved sub-freezing temps again on Friday to get out and look at several houses there we had been scouting online. B-b-b-b-r-r-r-r! Here's a little tip for any of you trying to sell a house - always leave the utilities on when showing your house! We went in to all sorts of houses, but the ones that were vacant and had no electricity (i.e., no heat) were not very appealing.

After seven houses, we were ready to go back to one we had already fallen in love with when we looked at it the Monday after Christmas. Bless our realtor's heart, she was a good sport about trekking around in the arctic temperatures (with a nasty headcold, no less) to show us all these other properties when we knew in our hearts we were going to make an offer on the one she had already found for us.

After seeing what was on the market, we were more than eager to make a…

"On the Market"

After two full days of painting, scrubbing and purging, we were finally able to invite the realtor in to photograph the house for her MLS listing. As of yesterday, the standard "For Sale" sign sits at the end of our driveway and we have embarked on the tremulous adventure of selling our house.

I have mixed emotions at this point.

Relief - that the push is over to prepare the house for "showing". It was a lot of work and the results are very gratifying.

Excitement - because we have made the decision to go ahead and begin the house search in Abilene. I can't wait to get home and be close to family and old friends again.

Worry (and yet cautious optimism)- about selling the house. After doing lots of looking around and research, I am confident that we have the best house to offer for this price range here in town. And on the first day on the market, our realtor had three calls from realtors in Amarillo wanting to know when the house would be available to sho…

New Year's Day, 2010

Well, here it is. 2010, in all its newborn glory. And we are off to a running start around here!

Sorry to say that we didn't stay up last night to welcome in the new year. Nope, we were all snug in bed before 11:00 pm because we are still catching up on our sleep from the holidays. But the extra sleep paid off because we had the energy to get a heckuva lot accomplished today.

Come Monday, our house will be on the market...a big "For Sale" sign out in the front, folks. So, this 3-day weekend is devoted to getting the place in tip-top shape.

We started in the kitchen by cleaning out cabinets and packing up some of the gazillion pots and pans we really didn't have room to accomodate. Scrubbed down cabinets, organized our cookbooks, put fresh paper on the shelves and did touch-ups on the paint. Wow! I wish we had done this sooner because it just sparkles...feels so good!

We moved from there into the mudroom/washroom and reorganized the cabinets, putting in new …