Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Picture Perfect COLOR for the Kitchen!!!

Color is going up in the dining area....and I couldn't be more thrilled!!!!

Yesterday was a designated work day in the kitchen/dining area ~ at least for me.  Eddie was scheduled to work from 2 pm to 11 pm, so it was going to be up to me to load the kitchen and get started on the painting..  Oh, yeah, I had big plans to get tons accomplished. 

But, I found lots of little things to sidetrack me yesterday morning.  I just couldn't get started....I had to run to the post office, I had to check Facebook, I had to have another cuppa coffee.  You know what I mean???

Finally, probably in an effort to squelch my ongoing procrastination, Eddie started bringing boxes in from the garage a couple of hours before he had to be at work.  This kinda "forced" me to get in there and start loading in the cabinets ~ something that had to be done prior to painting.  (And let me just say "Thank you, sweetie" for getting me started!)

Mom dropped by shortly after he left for work and jumped right in to help.  I'm so grateful for her amazing energy and talent for organizing.  Not only did she help me unpack boxes and put things away, she flattened boxes, swept the entire area (the floor was getting a little "crunchy" underfoot) and even found time to sweep the entire back patio and feed cookies to the dogs. 

I admit, we had to take a couple of breaks (to run to Rick & Carolyn's drive-thru for an icy cherry Pepsi and dinner off the dollar menu at McDonalds), but we finally got to the painting part of the day.  And let me just tell you this ~ Mom is a fabulous painter!!! 

Just hand this lady a brush and she's off to the races!!!

We were loving the color before it dried ~ even with just one coat over the primer.  While we painted, we started tossing out ideas for accessories and decorating.  It ended up being so much fun that we looked up and it was nearly time for Eddie to be home from work! 

All in all, it was a very productive day and I'm actually looking forward to getting back in there today and getting a second coat on the walls and starting on the trim.

Thanks, Mom!  You got me going again ~ I'm inspired to carry on!!!

I'm linking up with Paula over at Amen Corner today to share this Picture Perfect day of Productivity. 

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I hope your weekend is shaping up to be one to remember....picture perfect in every way!


Friday, March 26, 2010

I'm Lovin' Sumthin' New on the Porch!!!

I am so lovin' this little rocker I found for our front porch!!! 

Mom and I decided to get out and about the town one day this week....hit a few antique shops and consignment stores.  It was absolutely delightful to spend a day with my mother, doing "our thing"!!!  With all the work Eddie and I have been doing on the house, I just haven't been able to find the time to "junk around" with Mom.  Being close to Family and spending time with them was one of the main reasons we relocated here!  How frustrating not to have MADE the time to do just that....but, Mom and I are back on track with our day out together.

Anyhoo, we found this absolutely charming little rocker in the first shop we hit....perfect for our little front porch in both size and condition.  And a steal at only $30!!!  I was in LOVE at first sight....grabbed it and headed for the checkout!

Trayden and Ansleigh were over for a couple of hours on Tuesday evening while their momma went to get her hair done and they had "helped" me re-pot the asparagus fern we bought last week.  Doesn't it look fabulous cozied up with the rocker....both nestled beneath an old wreath I dug out of a box in the garage.(Makin' do with what I got, Dear Friends!)

When the weather warms a bit more (and gets a little more reliable), I will be able to fill the planter on the side of the porch.  I'm thinking some vibrant red geraniums and perky purple petunias, with a little ivy trailing over the sides....what do you think?

Well, that's what I'm lovin' this Friday!  Linking up with Cheryl over at Tidymom today....pop over and take a look at what some other folks are lovin' today.   You're sure to find some inspiration!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!


Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Little Trouble Getting Motivated....Remodel Burn-Out???

I'm having a little trouble getting motivated today.  So much to do.....and it just hasn't happened.....

The cabinets have been installed in the kitchen.  Hallelujah!!!

I just love the dark cherry tone of the finish....very classy.  Did I mention that dark cabinets are very forgiving, covering a multitude of cleaning sins???  (At least this is what I'm hoping!)

However, the quartz countertops are still at least a month away from being here....

In the meantime, this is what we're working with....

the (increasingly messy) food storage and prep area ~

the (totally cluttered) microwave/cooking area ~

and after three weeks, it's getting a little ~no, a lot ~ old.

I'm trying really hard to get inspired to carry looking at the paint color that we've decided on.  This is Morning Sand (Valspar Signature Ultra Premium) and I think it is going to just be perfect!  With the dark cabinets and the pop of crisp white trim, it will really be the ultimate soothing background.

And just yesterday, I picked up a pair of little brushed nickel lamps at a thrift store.  These will really brighten up the corners of the countertops. 

With Mom along to encourage me, I finally pulled the trigger on lighting fixtures.  A new hanging fixture for the dining area and a matching pendant to go over the sink ~ so I can see better to wash the dishes!

Looking at these items, I'm somewhat inspired to get in there and get busy again....somewhat.  It's been a long haul these last 8 weeks and maybe it's natural to suffer a little "remodel burnout"....don't you think? 

Ah, well, I've goofed off today and plan to just enjoy the rest of the evening curled up with my prince, watching movies.  Tomorrow is soon enough to head back out to Lowes for a gallon of Morning Sand.....

Tired and lazy hugs to you,


Sunday, March 21, 2010

What a WILD Weekend!!!

It snowed here yesterday....spitting, blowing snow borne along by a stiff north wind....on March 20th, no less.  It just didn't seem right.  And we had so much to do.....

As I have shared before, check it out here, we are in the throes of a kitchen remodel.  There was simply no other choice, my friends.  The old kitchen was rotten, to the core, and there was no way we could actually store and prepare food in there.  So, we reluctantly ripped out the old and are forging ahead with the new. 

After the tearout, we made yet another trip to Lowes to get the materials we needed.  Insulation, because there was none.....

and drywall, also because there was none.....

and we were ready to get down to business!

The insulation was easy enough.  I was even able to help with that, although there are no photos of me actually doing it because I am usually the one with the camera....

Then, came the drywall.  Not as easy as Ed told me it was going to be.  We had such a confined space to work in and it just took a lot longer than we anticipated, but....

we finally got it all up.  And taped and mudded....

It may not look pretty, but it's ready for cabinets to be hung tomorrow.  Our contractor stopped by and said it looks great and ready to go!

This process hasn't been easy...or very neat.  With all the sanding and cutting, we have a fine layer of white dust coating just about everything in my house!  And this was with the doors to the kitchen closed while we worked....

But, Eddie, the prince that he is, ran over to 7-Eleven and got me a cup of fortification!  Oh, I needed this...and he knew it!

So, now I'm enjoying a short break before I tackle the major dust removal in the house.  (And, LOOK, my ever-loving, picked up the camera and documented me sitting on my ample rear while there is work waiting to be done!)

Hopefully, by the end of the day, we will be at a place where we can just pile up on the sofa, watch a movie, resting up a bit for tomorrow.

More on our progress later, friends.

Still plugging....


Friday, March 19, 2010

A Sunny Saturday and Soccer

Well, apparently Spring is taking a little break here in our part of the world.  With snow back in the forecast this weekend and a grand thunderstorm raging as I type, last weekend's weather seems a distant memory....

But, it was a TERRIFIC weekend, with sunny skies, warm temperatures...and a great time with FAMILY! 

Our recently-turned-6 grandson had a soccer game on Saturday morning.  So, Eddie and I loaded up the folding chairs and Jake, our Australian Shepherd, stopped by to pick my mother up, and headed out to the soccer fields.  Once there, we met up with Bonnie and the kids and spent a great hour under the sun.

Here's the WONDERBOY himself, Trayden, all sunscreened up and ready to hit the field.  Of course, when he realized I had the camera out, he "cheesed" big-time. 

Ansleigh, 3-1/2 years old, was in her own unique PRINCESS/DIVA mode.  Honestly, I don't think they made little girls like this back when I was a child...

And just check out her new pink booster had to be PINK!!!

Jake truly enjoyed being out around all the people.  Being the DOG that he is, he found lots of girls to flirt with.  He also found lots of dropped food...yum....and Ansleigh shared her cheese puffs with him....yum yum!!!

Trayden has certainly come a long ways since we saw his first soccer game three years ago (when he confused soccer with football and started tackling his own teammates).  Look at that kid hustle!

Being back home means we will have so many more opportunities to spend time with the family.  Watching these grandkids grow up is part of what keeps us young. Well, that and the fact that after the game and lunch they got to go shopping with their momma and we got to come home for a NAP!

Regardless of the weather where you are, I hope you have some family time planned for this weekend.  Can't wait to hear about it!


Linkin' Up for a Little Love

Can I get a big "WOOHOO" for Friday?!?!?!?

And now for something new here on the porch...."I'm Loving' It Friday".

And this Friday I'm lovin' "JULIE & JULIA", hands down my favorite movie of the last year!!!

Since first seeing this movie when it came out on DVD, I have watched it over and over. I just love it for so many reasons:

Meryl Streep captures the very essence of Julia Child in her performance. Every little nuance, gesture, and inflection just speaks "JULIA". It's as if the ghost of the great chef stepped in to inhabit the actress's body and define the performance. And what's not to love about Julia? She was comfortable with her ownself and loved life.

I love Julie and watching her journey through a year of blogging. The fact that she undertook cooking her way through "The Art of Mastering French Cooking" is daunting enough. That she did this in a miniscule apartment kitchen while she was working full-time is unbelievable to me. Her growth, personally and in the kitchen, throughout that year is inspirational to me and encouraged me to commit to my own blog.

It is a beautifully made movie, each frame visually pleasing. It made me long to see to Paris and taste the most scrumptious looking food ever. This movie just made me FEEL GOOD!!! I know it has been out for several months now, but I'm not tired of it yet! It is very simply a well-made and enjoyable motion picture and, face it, those are getting few and far between anymore.

I'm linking up to Tidymom's "I'm Lovin' It Friday" today, so click on over and see what other Bloggers are lovin' today!!!

Make yours a Fantastic Friday!!!


Saturday, March 13, 2010

All EXCITED About Getting Me Some FLOWERS!!!

Judging by the weather around here, one would definitely say Spring has arrived...
or, at the very least, is in the process of arriving. 

Yesterday, we made our gazillionth trip to Lowes to pick up a few plumbing supplies for the kitchen.  I just couldn't face going inside the store again....seems like we have spent so much time, not to mention money, in there.  So, I asked The Husband to let me out at the Lawn & Garden Department. 

This entrance was so much more inviting.....

Since I have a smaller yard now, I am trying to really plan everything out in my head before I buy the first plant.  No running up and down the aisles of beautiful flowers willy-nilly, impulse buying for this girl on a budget!  I want to make every penny count with landscaping.  But, where to start???

Just look at all the selections...all the beautiful colors and textures ~
it is a virtual carpet of flowers!

Hmmm, can I work in some marigolds?  You bet!

I always have room for potted geraniums.  But, which color? 
I usually lean towards the traditional red...

But, look at this pink variety.....simply gorgeous....

This yellow jasmine is so bright and cheery....

I have the perfect place for petunias in a planter box on the porch,
but I'm holding out for some purple and white ones to go with the red....

So many decisions to make...and it is a bit early yet ~
best to get started planning and determine a color scheme and layout. 

So this is all that came home with us today ~
a large asparagus fern which will be right at home on my front porch. 

Do you have big plans in and around the yard this Spring this year?  Do SHARE!!!

Have a Bloomin' Great Weekend!


Friday, March 12, 2010

A Little Peek at Home...

Since it's the end of the week, I thought I would share a little peek of the living room as it has come together. 

I just love the light in this room.  A wall of windows faces west and the room is awash with warm afternoon sunlight.  The walls are my favorite neutral shade in the world...Laura Ashley Gold 3. 
Warm, soft, and oh so YUMMY....just like butter.   

Since we have moved into a smaller home, we have had to downsize in some areas.  Thankfully, The Husband gave up his monster-sized television and we moved the smaller flatscreen from our bedroom into the living room.  The scale is much more suited to the size of the living room. 

  The painting on the right was done by a local artist in New Braunfels, Texas.  We call it "Tres Amigos" and Eddie fancies himself as the one on the left.  It used to hang in his office, but my mom and I hijacked it for this spot in the living room.  Isn't it perfect?

Instead of a large coffee table, we used a small antique wood chest, piled with a few picture books.  My favorite touch is the vase of fresh pink tulips, an ode to the appearance of Spring. 

I love the contrast of the masculine and the feminine in this room ~ the rustic star on the wall next to the feathery buffet lamp; the soft pink blooms against the wood and wrought iron furniture.    

I can spend hours and hours in this room.  It feels warm and cozy no matter what time of the day.

This is just a peek, but I'm linking up to "Glimpses of Home" over at Chatting at the Sky, a charming blog.  Check it out!

Sending out wishes for a wonderful weekend!


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

So NOT Missing the Orange....

Well, we officially said goodbye to the pumpkin orange kitchen today.  Adios.   Sayonara.   Arrivederci, baby!!!

We shifted all the boxes and kitchen paraphernalia one more, hopefully the last, time.  We set up the microwave and mini-kitchen on the dining room table.   This will be it for the next few weeks, I'm afraid.

The Husband disconnected our new stove and slid it into the center of the room.  He disconnected the water supply and drain in the sink and pulled the fridge out beside the stove.  We were ready for the work crew to begin by 9:00 am. 

Phil and his crew (his grown daughter and one other helper) arrived and went to work.  They had the entire place ripped out in two hours!  It was alot less of a wreck than I anticipated. 

As for me, I stayed tucked away in the back bedroom at my desk, with Pepper and Scout laying under the desk at my feet.  I did crawl over the doggy gate and wander down the hall a couple of times to check on the progress while the pups waited patiently, probably wondering what all the commotion was about.

Immediate plans call for us to rip out the existing drywall tomorrow.  On Friday, an electrician will come in and work on some wiring for us.  On Saturday, Jane learns to drywall!  (This should be somewhere on the scale between "interesting" and "hilarious", to say the least.)

New cabinets go in on Tuesday.  It will be at least another month before our quartz countertops are ready, but at least we will have shelves and drawers.  The Husband thinks he might even be able to rig a temporary countertop and put the old sink back in for a few weeks.  Kinda yuck, but probably kinda necessary.  We are already so tired of carryout....

I can hardly wait to see the transformation.  Having never remodeled a kitchen before, it's a little hard for me to picture how everything will come together.  But, we've seen how it will look on the computer, so I'm trusting that everything will work out okay. 

So, off to the kitchen to raid the fridge, wrap a slice of cheese in a tortilla, slap it in the microwave for 20 seconds and call it a quesadilla!

Not missin' the ORANGE....


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