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Where We of TODAY!!!

It's been a long six weeks since I have been active in Blog's truly been the Winter of Transition and Trials here in my Real World.

The move from the Panhandle to my hometown of Abilene has been very nearly overwhelming on some days. I initially planned to share the details of the move here on my blog. But, as the days ticked by and I found myself just struggling to survive each day until time to drop dead-tired into bed, I lost the energy and discipline necessary to keep up with posting.

Let me just say that things went somewhat according to plan, but we encountered some unexpected twists and turns along the way. I've decided to view the upsets, delays and surprises as God's way of reminding me who is in control....and it's definitely not me!

Today's status on our relocation: GETTING THERE!!!

The living room and master bedroom are pretty much done and feeling comfortable and homey. Ed's den and the guest room are about 80% complete, lacking some finishing touches and accessories, but definitely liveable. The bathroom (and, yep, we only have one - huge adjustment!) is functional, but awaiting an updated vanity, toilet, mirror and lighting.

Finally, the kitchen/dining area.....well, it's still pretty much a disaster zone. We thought we would be able to just paint the cabinets and install new countertops, hardware and stove, but once we started digging we learned that all the base cabinets would have to be replaced. At this point, we have accepted that new base cabinets mean new upper cabinets or it's just not worth doing it. Having spent this afternoon with a kitchen designer, I am cautiously optimistic about the renovations to be made. I realize that this is something we have to do because the kitchen is the heart of our home and we cannot continue to live out of boxes, using paper plates and eating take-out indefinitely.

So, armed with printouts of how our new kitchen will look and the faith that everything will work out, we are plodding forward. GOD HELP US!!!

I fully intend to get busy with my camera this weekend and start posting some photos of the rooms in the house that are finished...and maybe some of the unfinished projects so you can see just what we are dealing with here.

Thanks for bearing with me!



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