Sunday, March 21, 2010

What a WILD Weekend!!!

It snowed here yesterday....spitting, blowing snow borne along by a stiff north wind....on March 20th, no less.  It just didn't seem right.  And we had so much to do.....

As I have shared before, check it out here, we are in the throes of a kitchen remodel.  There was simply no other choice, my friends.  The old kitchen was rotten, to the core, and there was no way we could actually store and prepare food in there.  So, we reluctantly ripped out the old and are forging ahead with the new. 

After the tearout, we made yet another trip to Lowes to get the materials we needed.  Insulation, because there was none.....

and drywall, also because there was none.....

and we were ready to get down to business!

The insulation was easy enough.  I was even able to help with that, although there are no photos of me actually doing it because I am usually the one with the camera....

Then, came the drywall.  Not as easy as Ed told me it was going to be.  We had such a confined space to work in and it just took a lot longer than we anticipated, but....

we finally got it all up.  And taped and mudded....

It may not look pretty, but it's ready for cabinets to be hung tomorrow.  Our contractor stopped by and said it looks great and ready to go!

This process hasn't been easy...or very neat.  With all the sanding and cutting, we have a fine layer of white dust coating just about everything in my house!  And this was with the doors to the kitchen closed while we worked....

But, Eddie, the prince that he is, ran over to 7-Eleven and got me a cup of fortification!  Oh, I needed this...and he knew it!

So, now I'm enjoying a short break before I tackle the major dust removal in the house.  (And, LOOK, my ever-loving, picked up the camera and documented me sitting on my ample rear while there is work waiting to be done!)

Hopefully, by the end of the day, we will be at a place where we can just pile up on the sofa, watch a movie, resting up a bit for tomorrow.

More on our progress later, friends.

Still plugging....



  1. Wow, you guys work fast! Looks good and can't wait to see the finished product! Drywall dust is the worst, you'll find it in nooks and crannies for a few weeks. Thanks for the peek into your kitchen reno. Have a great week :)

  2. are such a brave soul. I love do it yourself home improvement, but I will admit that the thought of installing drywall terrifies me. Kudos to you and your hubby for a stellar kitchen makeover in progress.

  3. Looks like you got a lot done! deserved the break!!

  4. Looks like you have done the worst now! I am still living in dust from knocked down walls and I have to say I've given up with the dusting. Can't wait to see your new kitchen, I always feel so excited when a room is beginning to take shapexxx

  5. Oh how exhausting AND exciting! I remember when we did this in our last house. You will be so happy with your new kitchen that all of the work will be worth it. I can't wait to see.

    Thank you sweet Jane for your blog support and sweet notes. You are beautiful, inside and out, and I am so glad that you are here with us in Blogland. ((((((hugs)))))


  6. One day this will be us, but have to get the kids through college first... sigh, kids always take precedence, don't they? ;-) And you deserved that cup of coffee--good husband!

    Thanks for stopping by and saying hi! The snow is all gone now, and we're waiting for thunderstorms to move in this afternoon! Crazy weather! Hope you have a happy day!

  7. Hey Jane, thanks for visiting my blog from Traci's link party! My favorite room reveals are kitchen remodels, so I can't wait to see how it all turns out!

  8. That makes me smile to see you sitting in your chair blogging (I assume). So like me, surrounded by things to get done but I just need a BREAK!! Congrats on getting so much accomplished, you deserved the rest!


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