Saturday, March 13, 2010

All EXCITED About Getting Me Some FLOWERS!!!

Judging by the weather around here, one would definitely say Spring has arrived...
or, at the very least, is in the process of arriving. 

Yesterday, we made our gazillionth trip to Lowes to pick up a few plumbing supplies for the kitchen.  I just couldn't face going inside the store again....seems like we have spent so much time, not to mention money, in there.  So, I asked The Husband to let me out at the Lawn & Garden Department. 

This entrance was so much more inviting.....

Since I have a smaller yard now, I am trying to really plan everything out in my head before I buy the first plant.  No running up and down the aisles of beautiful flowers willy-nilly, impulse buying for this girl on a budget!  I want to make every penny count with landscaping.  But, where to start???

Just look at all the selections...all the beautiful colors and textures ~
it is a virtual carpet of flowers!

Hmmm, can I work in some marigolds?  You bet!

I always have room for potted geraniums.  But, which color? 
I usually lean towards the traditional red...

But, look at this pink variety.....simply gorgeous....

This yellow jasmine is so bright and cheery....

I have the perfect place for petunias in a planter box on the porch,
but I'm holding out for some purple and white ones to go with the red....

So many decisions to make...and it is a bit early yet ~
best to get started planning and determine a color scheme and layout. 

So this is all that came home with us today ~
a large asparagus fern which will be right at home on my front porch. 

Do you have big plans in and around the yard this Spring this year?  Do SHARE!!!

Have a Bloomin' Great Weekend!


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