Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Little Trouble Getting Motivated....Remodel Burn-Out???

I'm having a little trouble getting motivated today.  So much to do.....and it just hasn't happened.....

The cabinets have been installed in the kitchen.  Hallelujah!!!

I just love the dark cherry tone of the finish....very classy.  Did I mention that dark cabinets are very forgiving, covering a multitude of cleaning sins???  (At least this is what I'm hoping!)

However, the quartz countertops are still at least a month away from being here....

In the meantime, this is what we're working with....

the (increasingly messy) food storage and prep area ~

the (totally cluttered) microwave/cooking area ~

and after three weeks, it's getting a little ~no, a lot ~ old.

I'm trying really hard to get inspired to carry looking at the paint color that we've decided on.  This is Morning Sand (Valspar Signature Ultra Premium) and I think it is going to just be perfect!  With the dark cabinets and the pop of crisp white trim, it will really be the ultimate soothing background.

And just yesterday, I picked up a pair of little brushed nickel lamps at a thrift store.  These will really brighten up the corners of the countertops. 

With Mom along to encourage me, I finally pulled the trigger on lighting fixtures.  A new hanging fixture for the dining area and a matching pendant to go over the sink ~ so I can see better to wash the dishes!

Looking at these items, I'm somewhat inspired to get in there and get busy again....somewhat.  It's been a long haul these last 8 weeks and maybe it's natural to suffer a little "remodel burnout"....don't you think? 

Ah, well, I've goofed off today and plan to just enjoy the rest of the evening curled up with my prince, watching movies.  Tomorrow is soon enough to head back out to Lowes for a gallon of Morning Sand.....

Tired and lazy hugs to you,



  1. Hi Sister. The cabinets look great!! Everything is looking good!! Just remember, the remodeling is a short time period in the scheme of things. Love you, Jill

  2. I'm sure after a bit of rest you will feel inspired again soon!!!!Sometimes a bit of 'me' time is all that is needed. You're kitchen is going to look amazing, so much space! Well done! Won't be long and you will be all organisedxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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