Monday, July 4, 2016

Independence Day & Vintage Campers

Happy Birthday, America!!!  

Hope you're all having a wonderful July 4th and enjoying a three day weekend, as we are.  We were able to join Bonnie, Matt and the kids last night for their annual Independence Day cookout and fireworks.  Since they live outside the city limits, their neighborhood is host to many of these parties along the block.  The heat was almost unbearable, even at 6:30 - 99 degrees, with a heat index of 108!  But, we were mostly in the shade and there was a decent breeze now and then to help cool the sweat on our bodies.  Matt and his buddies did an awesome job with the fireworks and we enjoyed the friendly competition between them and some neighbors down the street doing the same thing.  

Today has been more or less lazy for us.  Eddie Dale did mow the lawn this morning, early!  I did a couple more loads of laundry, early!  (Honestly, where do all those dirty clothes come from with only the two of us?!?!?)  And we got out and ran around to a couple of stores.  But, even though he knew how I wanted to browse at TJ Maxx and Ross, it was pretty apparent that the hubs was bored and growing impatient.  Our final stop at Lowes was to the outdoor center and we were just about melting in the midday heat - read "heat index of 109"!!!  So, we headed home to cool off and rest.  Now, we are about to get some steak fajitas on the grill and enjoy an early supper and some leftover cherry cheesecake from last night's festivities.  Tomorrow morning will be back to work as usual - with Monday on Tuesday....

I wanted to share the new Scentsy warmer Bonnie gave me as a "late" birthday present last night.  It seems it was ordered way back in May, but was so popular that it got back-ordered and only came in this weekend.  So, I feel lucky to have one!!!  

Isnt' it cute?!?!?  Bonnie thought it was perfect for us since we love to have adventures in our fifth wheel.  In fact, she intended it to be for us to use in the trailer.  But, it is just too adorable to enjoy only on our travels.  So, I had to find place for it to be displayed in the living room - where we will see it most often.  It meant shifting things a bit, but I was feeling the need to move some things around....even some subtle changes can make things feel new, right?  

I was pretty happy with the new vignette on our little sofa table (which, by the way, does not sit behind the sofa).  I just put away a couple of items and switched out some of the stuff with what was on the piano.....just a refreshing of decor as we languish in the summer and dream of putting out Fall decor!  

Now, something I hope you will do for me.....

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Enjoy the rest of your July 4th and meet me back here soon!!!

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