Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Little Bottle of JOY!!!

I rediscovered a little thing today that really makes me tick....painted toes!!!  That's right.  A little bottle of nail polish goes a long ways in putting a smile on this girl's face! 

And how about flip flops!?!?!  Just taking a pair out of the closet made me want to squeal with joy this morning.  When I slipped them on my feet, with my freshly painted toenails, I nearly broke into song. 

Even The Husband noticed a spring in my step and took me out for a coke and lemon bar from McKay's Bakery this afternoon.  Thank you, Eddie Dale!

The weather cooperated beautifully today.  What a wonderful feeling...the sun shining brightly and warming up the ground, green busting out everywhere, the sound of birds making merry.  Although it is still officially winter, as evidenced by the dormant mesquite tree in my front yard, Spring is making a bit of an appearance now. 

So, I parked my winter-white body on the front porch for a bit and just soaked in the rays.  I even slipped off the flips and wiggled my toes in the fresh air.  Ooohhhh soooo delightful!!!

Nope, it didn't take much to make me smile today.

Did you find something that lifted your spirits and brought a smile to your face today?  Feel free to share it here on the Porch!

Warm smiles,


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