Sunday, January 17, 2010

Let the Countdown Begin!!!

Counting down...11 days until we close on our little cottage in Abilene and begin the move! Literally, we are beginning the move on January 28th, the day we close. We take our first load down that morning. Should be a fun day, huh? But our reward will be sleeping that night in our new home.

Our place in the country here is looking pretty "nekkid" since we've started packing. Most of the pictures and wall hangings are down now.

But, seeing this cleared expanse of wall reminds me how much I love this color - Laura Ashley Olive 4.

The bookcase and hutch are bare.

Boxes are stacking up, mostly in the Texas Room.

We have cleaned out, purged and organized.

We have accomplished so much this weekend and Eddie Dale is looking pretty proud of himself! We have the cellar cleared and ready to load. We filled every box we could put our hands on. We filled the back of our F250 with another load of trash and found many items to donate to local charities.

And we have a lot of hard work ahead of us when we arrive in Abilene. There is soooooo much to be done at our new home - painting, flooring, new ceiling fans and light fixtures, decorating...I'm tired just thinking about it.

Never mind that the move itself is daunting! I'm having trouble comprehending just how much stuff two people can own! And we're moving ourselves roughly 268 miles down the road. (God bless U-Haul!!!)

We're experiencing so many emotions, truly a mixed bag! It's exhausting to prepare for the move; it's sad to see the bare walls; it's exhilarating to see all the crap that is finding its way out of the house.

But, above all, it is exciting to be preparing to go home!

Hanging in there....



  1. I love LA Olives. I'm almost certain #4 is what I'm going to use in my Dining Room very soon.

    Thanks for dropping by. I always love to see you!

    Have a great week!

    Teresa <><

  2. I do love the LA Olives, too! Have already picked out Olive 3 for my bedroom at the new house. I have loved living with Olive 4 - it is so INTENSE! Look forward to photos of your dining room. Take care!


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