Friday, January 15, 2010

It's a Little Sad.....

to be packing up in preparation to leave this house that has been such a wonderful home!

Since it's only 13 days until we need to be in Abilene to close on our new house, we decided to get started with the packing process. First off, we scored some boxes at a local liquor store while we were in town today. I love these size boxes because I can put heavier objects, like books, in them and they are small enough that they won't be too heavy for me to lift.

Then we stopped by a local U-Haul vendor and found this great paper for packing! I just love this much better than newspaper. We bought two 10-pound boxes and I only used about half of one box today.

Today's portion of the packing project took about two hours. I used every single box we got our hands on today and was able to pack everything in my bookcases, all the framed photos and 'knick-knacks' from around the house, most of the smaller framed items off the walls and everything off my hutch. I also got down most everything from around the top display shelf in my kitchen.

All in all, it went pretty smoothly and I'm ready to tackle the cellar tomorrow. Now, there is a lot of CRAP stuck down in the cellar...most of it has been there since we moved in five years ago and didn't have a place to put it. I'm thinking there is probably a trip to a dumpster in our future for tomorrow!

Although it's been a bit sad to put things away today, it's been exciting, too! More than the signing of a contract, packing up our belongings makes the move seem so real. It's the tangible evidence that our lives are moving forward - literally.

More to come tomorrow!


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