Wednesday, January 13, 2010

One of the Little Perks....

There have been so many blessings to come out of the situation we have found ourselves in since Ed lost his job last month!

* Family and Friends have surrounded us with love and a sense of support and encouragement.

* We found the courage to take the leap of Faith and relocate to Abilene - something we have been "talking about" and "planning on" for some time!

* God led us to a house we love in Abilene and opened the door for us to buy it - and He led a family to buy our house to become their new Home.

But, one of the most unexpected little blessings has been one of my favorites - I have discovered what is like to have a "Housewife"!!!

Okay, okay...I know that sounds somewhat sexist, but let me explain.

Since Ed isn't working right now, and we find ourselves in a state of limbo before we move, he has time on his hands. Right? And I have been working extra hours so I have had less time than usual for taking care of the things around the house that are usually "my territory". But, my hubby, being the awesome kind of man he is, has completely picked up all the slack on the homefront!

Let me give you a few examples:

* Laundry - CHECK!!! Outside a few questions about "sorting", this little chore has now become his. And he is doing a fantastic job! How terrific it is to find clean linens, all folded and put away...aaahhhhh, it is downright bliss.

* Cooking - CHECK!!! Ed has always been great about getting in the kitchen and planning and cooking, but he has even taken to having lunch for me when I come in at noon. Way better than take-out, girls!

* Running errands - CHECK!!! Grocery store, bank, odds and ends, here and's like having a clone of myself to take care of all the miscellaneous stuff that needs to be done!

* Vacuuming and mopping - CHECK CHECK!!! This is my personal favorite - of all time! You see, I wanted all wood and tile flooring in this house because when it's clean, it's really clean, right? Little did I realize the amount of maintenance that would be involved. But, now Ed has it covered! From cleaning out the vacuum to swiffering, mopping to replacing throw rugs...he has it down pat!

So, do you see now why I say I feel like I have a "housewife"???

It has been wonderful to have someone else to pick up the slack on the daily chores. The fact that my husband has done this with a cheerful heart and a willing attitude - without even being asked - reminds me how fortunate I am to have him as my partner in life.

Now, I know that once we get moved, settled in Abilene and he finds a job, the roles will go back to the norm. But, I am certainly enjoying this while I've got it! Wouldn't you?!?!? It's nice to have the roles reversed for a while.

And, more importantly, I have learned what Ed is capable of doing around the house! This has truly been an eye-opening experience. I now know that I don't have to be Superwoman. If I need help around the house, I can ask for it and know that he can get the job done - and done well!

So, for what it's worth, there's my take on one of the little perks that I find in my life these days. Beyond a perk, it truly is a blessing to me - a daily blessing for which I am so thankful!

Learning to take it one day at a time.....


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