Friday, October 23, 2009

A New Adventure!

Well, here goes! I am embarking on a new adventure - writing my own blog! A little scary, yes, but very exciting.

I've decided to call my blog "Janie's Porch" for a special reason: I want family and friends to feel like we are sitting together on the front porch, having a glass of iced tea (or maybe a beer) and having a real visit when they drop by to view my blog.

I'm sure I will cover a variety of topics here. Who knows what I may come up with when pondering what I want to share on any given day. Maybe I will be inspired by fabulous weather or a special blessing from Nature. Something on the news might catch my attention and start my thoughts a-stirring. My children and grandchildren, the puppies here at home, the job....any and all things are game.

So, I hope you will come and sit with me often - and leave me some feedback. Who knows? Your comment may be the topic for our next conversation.


  1. Hi Jane,

    Since we,re 7 hours ahead of you here,I,m afraid that my comment will be the first. Congratulations with your interesting and creative blog. I love the way your house lookes,all decorated for autumn and Halloween. It,s such a nice,typical American country side picture,the way we see it here in Europe.

    Lot,s of success and inspiration with your new blog.

    p.s. my private address: wasn,t accepted,so I had to give my busines address..... Margritvk doesn,t excist anymore

  2. Well, maybe I can figure this out. Here goes, Dad

  3. HI Jane, I love your new adventure and I'm sure you'll do very well with it!!!!

    If you put a rocking chair on your porch I'm sure to stay for a long time visiting. Hehehe It's that ADD thing I have going on that rocking helps calm me down. LOL, but in the mean time I'll be sitting next to Casper he looks friendly.

    Ok, I came over today for some warm friendly advice. Since, it's cold out today can I have hot chocolate instead? How did you get ED to cook for you and has he always cooked for you or did you bribe him? LOL... What inspires you on a daily basis....what gets you up in the morning with a smile on your face?


  4. Hi, Toni! Thanks for stopping by and, of course, hot chocolate will be on the menu when the temperature drops!

    As for Ed and the cooking - no bribery involved. he just loves to cook! look for more about this on upcoming posts!

    And I am not a morning person! LOL. Ed says he loves me in spite of it. I'm grateful to wake up, don't get me wrong. But, I have trouble getting out of bed and hitting the floor with a smile on my face. This is something I am working on!


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