Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Sunday!!!

On  the agenda around here for today.....


Yep, here it is - Super Bowl Sunday.  Everyone is busy preparing lots of yummy food for fantastic football-themed parties.....and I'm dragging out the vacuum and furniture polish and have the washer loaded!

Not that we don't like football around here!  After all, we live in West Texas - home of the Friday Night Lights.  We do love our football - but, mostly we enjoy the sport played at the high school and college level.  We rarely sit down and watch the NFL; and I can't say with any certainty that I have a team that I would dub "my team". 

So, the hustle, bustle and hype of today's game just doesn't get my adrenaline flowing.  I have no idea which team to root for; I had to ask my husband which two teams were even playing!  (And, I still don't know who to cheer for...)

However, the food associated with the festivities does peak my interest!  Wow, there are some awesome recipes floating around out there to be discovered and I'm busy "pinning" them this morning, like some sort of mad chef-wannabe.....

The Husband has to work til 9:00 this evening.  So, after I get this place in order, I've been invited over to a friend's for homemade tortilla soup and guacamole.  My mouth is already watering!  And, I'm sure the big game will be on the big screen when I get over there. 

So, here's to the Super Bowl and the great nibbling and snacking opportunities that it brings!!!! 

Go, Giants!!!  Go, Patriots!!!
(Did I get the teams right?????)

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