Sunday, February 5, 2012

In Anticipation of SPRING....

Once Christmas is over and the decorations come down, I often find myself so "blah" about winter.....

Maybe it's a case of Spring Fever coming on.....but, I'm longing for warm sunny days and the smell of Spring in the air.  So, I figured it was time to pop a little Spring into our home in anticipation of the season to come...

I found some silk tulips that had been packed away for years.  When I took them out of their packing paper, they weren't in such bad shape that I was deterred from putting them out.  I simply arranged them in a simple vase and plopped them down on the dresser.  Instant pop of color and breath of Spring!

Speaking of this old dresser, we bought it several years ago at a second-hand shop.  It was a real steal, let me tell you.  I paid $65 for the dresser and mirror and that thing is solid wood.  When we started moving it home, it took two of us to lift it and the mirror is nearly as heavy!  It is stamped, it is a quality piece.  I am forever in love with the way it looks in our bedroom, especially with the afternoon sun slanting through the window....

Our bargain dresser (Pay no mind to the fact that the lamp shade is crooked - it has never, ever been straight!)
It's amazing how sometimes the simplest little things, like the addition of some silk blooms, can cheer a room and the spirits.

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Thanking God today for the gift of Seasons - even those which are not my favorite.  For in the dead of Winter, I know that Spring is coming! 


  1. I hear you...a bit of Spring fever has hit me too. Your purple blooms are lovely (as is that beautiful dresser). Soon will be be seeing the little green buds poking up from the ground :)

  2. I read in your blog you're from West Texas...I guess the hubby's cowboy hat should've been a clue!

  3. Absolutely perfect! I love the arrangement....I can't believe those tulips are silk!



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