Monday, February 6, 2012

Miscellany Mondays....Random Thoughts on the Big Game

I am linking up with Carissa at lowercase letters today for "miscellany Monday", because I do have some random thoughts on yesterday's Super Bowl.....

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, I am not just not "in to" the NFL.  After having been married to a football fanatic the first time around and feeling like a real "football widow" on Sundays for many years, professional football just doesn't get my juices flowing.  So, I had to ask Eddie Dale who was even playing in the Super Bowl yesterday......

After a day spent cleaning and doing laundry while the Hubs was at work, I cleaned myself up and headed over to some friends' place for dinner.  To be honest, although the game was going on their big screen, we gathered around the kitchen island on the other side of the room, catching occasional glimpses of the game.  We actually sat down to eat delicious homemade chicken tortilla soup just as half time started, so I did catch some of that "spectacle"......

Honestly, I have never been a big Madonna fan.  Last night's lip-synched performance didn't change that, at all.  Her grand entrance, somewhat akin to Cleopatra, was amusing.  But, I thought the performance, on the whole, fell a little flat. 

I had no idea who the other performers on the stage were!  One of my hosts thought he recognized some of them and it was the topic of much debate.  Between bites, we all watched to see if there would be any wardrobe malfunctions....I guess I missed the now-scandalous "bird" gesture made by one of the performers while I was shoving food in my mouth....

I did stop and watch the guy who did all the bouncing around on the wire....I swear, he looked like a young Richard Simmons.  Did he not?!?!?   I kept thinking he was going to miss that wire as he bounced around and we would really have had something to talk about.

I did not pay the slightest bit of attention to the commercials.  For many, the commercials are the only reason to tune into the big game.  However, the high-dollar advertising was lost on me.....the only ad I actually noticed involved scores of bikini-clad women jumping around.  Couldn't tell you who even sponsored the ad because I actually looked away and took another bite of soup....knowing my 50-year old body is never again going to don a bikini.....

As for the teams, well, I was under the impression for the entire game that the guys in the blue jerseys were the Giants.  Imagine my surprise, at the end of the game, to learn that was not the case!  Eddie Dale said the emblems on the helmets should have clued me in, but was I looking at the helmets????  No, obviously I was NOT.  So, I spent the entire game thinking the teams were the reverse of who they really were!

The hype of the Super Bowl is just lost on me.  It was a wonderful excuse to get together with friends for an enjoyable evening.  For that, I am grateful!  The company made the evening a success....the football game was just background. 

And, that is enough rambling on football for this year.  It is highly unlikely that it will enter my mind again for the next year......

If you're wondering what's on other people's minds this morning, travel over to lowercase letters and prowl around......Carissa has some absolutely stunning photos of her family at the park today!  Here is the link....

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Carissa, my apologies....I simply cannot get your button to post properly today.  Although it shows up in my draft, when I preview it, I can see that it is printing out the link.....Hope everyone can find their way to you!!!


  1. Although I had no interest in either team, the game was close and well played.

    The halftime show was another story. To quote my 27 year old son's post on FB last night: "The Super Bowl 46 halftime show was godawful. There is nothing sexy about an unattractive 53 year old with yellow teeth who's slept with everyone, thrusting her pelvis. Yuck!"

    1. I LOVE Scooter's assessment, Dave! I am truly "laughing out loud" after reading it!

  2. The halftime show is eclipsing the game

  3. thanks for linking, sweet gal! what a cute space you have here. i agree with your Madonna sentiments exactly.

    read Dave's quote - sums it up really well! haha!!!

  4. Very funny post and I am with you - not being a big football fan. Why must we always see "old rocker" out there trying to look like they did in their hay-day?

  5. I agree totally with the Madonna stuff! She just still thinks she's 20!


  6. Janie so glad you stopped by ... When I was going to university Football was great to watch ... but now I can do without. Around our home hockey is on the TV... that doesn't excite me either ...xo HHL

  7. I'm not a fan of football but my husband is. His team lost yesterday. Now he's anxiously awaiting golf season to start up here (I like to golf too but I like Spring and Summer a whole lot more :))

  8. Hubby and I are not football fans either. We do like baseball however and can really get excited for the World Series. I guess you could call that our super bowl. We do love, however, the puppy bowl that is on before the super bowl game on Animal Planet. It was great again this year. Love your post. I can so identify.

  9. I am with you! I think you hit it when you said it is a great opportunity to get together - everything eventually boils down to dollars. We don't have cable any longer - I don't watch tv during the day and it seemed a pointless waste of money. Now following you on both GFC and Linky.
    Hope you have a great week,


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