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Chats on the Farmhouse Porch....

I've found a sister porch lover....Patrice at "Everyday Rurality".  She is hosting a chat on her farmhouse porch today, so I'm stopping by for a visit. 

Here are the questions we're chatting up this week.....

Stephanie asks, "What kind of competitions do you prefer to watch? Dancing, singing, or cooking?
I love to watch singing competitions - and by that, I mean shows like American Idol or The Voice.  I find myself holding my breath and hoping people hit the notes!  I feel so badly when they don't.  Occasionally, I will watch Dancing with the Stars, but I'd much rather listen to people sing!

My Kid's Mom asks, "Do you work? Are you retired? Are you a stay at home mom?
I stayed at home for 12 years when my kids were little, but I have never worked harder in my life that when I was a stay-at-home mom.  I have worked outside the home most of the time since my youngest started 4th grade.  I am a Realtor and my hours are somewhat flexible - it works perfectly for me!

Empty Nester asks, "What's your favorite thing about winter?
Well, honestly, Winter is my least favorite season.  But, I do still get excited when the snow falls; and I love wearing warm sweaters and boots....and I have a couple of fringed shawls that I am rocking this year!

Homeschool on the Croft asks, "What do you love most about where you live?"
I love that all of my family lives nearby, here in the same town - all three of my grown children, my two grandkids and both of my parents.  Plus, I love that I live in the same neighborhood where I grew up - only 4 blocks from my childhood home.  What I love specifically about the house we I live is the wonderful natural light we get here....lots of southern exposure! 

Did you or your children(grandchildren too) ever have a dollhouse?
I had a wonderful doll house when I was a child.  It was a pressed tin model with the decor and fixtures painted on.  It had two levels and a lovely little "flagstone" rooftop patio out to one side; the style was very colonial.  It looked just like this one that I found on Ebay....don't even ask how much they go for now......


My sister and I spent countless hours moving the little plastic furniture around inside; maybe this is where my love of rearranging furniture started!  Ya think?!?!? 

A big THANK YOU to Patrice inviting us all to this link-up chat on the porch!  If you haven't checked out her blog yet, GO DO IT!!! 


  1. I remember that dollhouse! Thanks for the memory. Dad

  2. I remember playing with a doll house like that... but it wasn't mine. I wonder who had it?! Hmmm... that will bug me all day!
    How lucky for you to have your family all so close!
    My dad is only 20 miles away and one son is about 30 miles from us... but everyone else is an airplane trip or a long, long day's drive away!

  3. Oh, we had the same dollhouse. I was trying to describe did even better and had a photo. Thanks!

  4. Wow, what a coincidence! Today, on Wednesday Hodgepodge in my random musing of #8 I posed a question for someone with real estate experience. Maybe you can offer some help. Check this out & offer your input, please!

  5. Oh, yeah my Wednesday Hodgepodge post is under Wedensday Blog Hops post!

  6. Janie, This is such a fun post. I love the doll house and it brings back so many memories. I have the original Barbie (woo-hoo!) and some of my grandmother's little doll house toys. They are priceless. It's wonderful that you are in a career with some flexibility. I went to college, worked for 12 yrs, stopped for a time to raise kids, went back to school (starting all over again) and now work part time. I've certainly paid my dues and appreciate my days off. Enjoy your day!


  7. Janie, thanks for stopping by, so nice to meet you. I hope to see you again next week.

  8. Janie, I live in a similar town with all my relatives around. I just watched The Voice for the first time last night. Loved it!


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