Picking Paint Colors....

It's looking like tomorrow is going to be "the day" when Eddie Dale helps me get my closet in shape by adding some new shelving.  The forecast is calling for a cold, wintery weekend - perfect for a project indoors.  So, this evening - or early in the morning, depending on how I manage to get my rear in gear - I will be emptying one side of my closet.  Completely emptying.....

My plan calls for going through every single item and weeding out before I put anything back in.  Ambitious, I know!  But, the organizing gurus tell us that if it hasn't been worn in the past year, it really must go.  And, so, I am setting my sights on putting back less than I take out.  We shall see how I do on that.....

Now, if I could just settle on the shade of "white" I want to paint the shelf we are going to build for the kitchen/dining area.....

There about a million choices when it comes to "white" and I am sure struggling with this decision.  Look at all these paint chips I picked up the other day when trying to decide what shade to paint the corner hutch and soon-to-be-constructed shelf....

Okay, I know there are some "khaki" shades in there....not white, at all....but so very pretty (perhaps I can work that color in somewhere else in the house???)

I have narrowed it down to these choices.......

Looking at this photo, I can see that "cottage linen" is nearly the exact same shade this piece was already painted....
As you can see, the green on the walls in this room is a rather "cool" color, with a bit of a gray undertone.  I love this peaceful shade, but want to avoid getting this room too gray and cool.  I'm really leaning towards the clean, neutral white of "wedding bells" (top left corner).  What do you think???

Hope to post some photos of the closet project, before/in progress/after, over the weekend....so stay tuned!


  1. That's a huge undertaking! I vote for the nice clean white. I was just telling Hubby last night that I would like shelving built in the spare bedroom closet, the one I use for my office/craft room. I had them built at our last house and I loved them. I can't wait to see how it all turns out.

  2. Cleaning out closets is no fun, but you'll be glad you purged things. I like the cafe cream. It's the same depth of color that the piece is currently painted with, but with a warmer hue. Let us know how it turns out.

  3. Wedding bells or cafe cream might work. I always tend to with the same colors - I think we are do that to a certain degree. We just went through this trying to find a white for our kitchen/family room ceiling. I ended up going with a true white. There are so many choices! My closets received a spring cleaning several weeks ago however they are in need of a structural over-hall. A friend of mine had hers done and was pricey! DIY is always best- good luck!


  4. Choosing paint colours can be such a long and arduous exercise but once you have *found* your colours and get to painting all the time taken to pick just the perfect colour was worth it. Have fun with the project.


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