Friday, November 25, 2011

Day 2 - Decking the Halls

Today was Black Friday.  Many braved the frenzied crowds in the dark of night to head out for great shopping deals.  But not this gal......

I decked the halls!  Well, at least I got a good running start on getting the inside of the house all decorated for the holidays. 

After about 9 hours of it, I have called it a night.  The trees are up and trimmed in the living room - but all my bows are MIA. 

Minus the tree topping bows and ribbons....they're still MIA....
  The garland is lit on the piano top and the hutches - but the front porch is still dark. 

Decked out a little differently this year, but I'm loving it!

The snow globe collection has a new home this year (and I must do something about that cord...)


As I worked, I alternately listened to Christmas music and popped DVD's in to keep the dogs entertained. 

Check out the elves we've added this year....they make me smile.
And now I am just thankful to be done!   (Or at least at a stopping place until tomorrow.....)

Even though I was busy, I had the time to focus on just how fortunate we are - especially at this time of year.  We have this wonderful, cozy, little cottage that we get to call "HOME".  It is vintage and suits us perfectly.  It is warm and filled with love.  To own our home outright gives us such a feeling of security.  And today I am so thankful to God for this blessing!   As usual, God led us just where we needed to be at this stage in our lives. 

Wishing you all a good night's rest.....



  1. Jane, Love seeing your holiday decor and oh so cute home. Isn't this your 2nd Christmas back in big A town? How time flies and in hindsight that transition looks to have worked out perfectly for you two. Have a blessed and merry Christmas

  2. It's beginning to look a lot like a beautiful Christmas at your place!

  3. Everything looks just beautiful, Jane!


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