Monday, November 28, 2011

Day 5 - Grace

This afternoon was a special opportunity to meet up with my daughter and her fiance downtown for some impromptu photo shooting.  We met at 5:00, as the sun was already well over into the western sky and the shadows were very long.  Initially, it was obvious they felt awkward posing for the camera, but they eventually relaxed and I think we got some pretty good shots. 

As I strolled around the streets downtown, my eyes lifted upward and I saw my Blessing for today.....

This is the sign that sits atop the historic Grace Hotel here in Abilene.  The neon lights had just come on.  However, from my vantage point, the word Grace was unlit.  Disappointing from a wannabe photographer's viewpoint, but I didn't take it as a divine sign!  After all, the blessing was that my focus was lifted upwards and my thoughts turned to Grace.

Grace means free gift.  In Greek, it is the word, charis, which is literally a free gift.  The most common definition used in Christianity is "God's unmerited favor".  As I browsed the internet for definitions of "grace", I found so much information, a virtual overload of information.  It's overwhelming.  And I don't think God intends for us to be overwhelmed by the scholarly definition of the word, but "grace" covers a lot! 

I think God just wants us to understand the basic concept of Grace.  For me, personally, it is -

humbling, to know that God bestows such a gift upon me....

sustaining, in times of crisis and trial....

enlightening, as to the character of God....and

always sufficient.

It is knowing that the ultimate gift was given in order for me to be able to look forward to a heavenly eternity. 

And today, I am so deeply thankful for that grace.  The depth of my gratitude knows no words, but God knows my heart. 

Many Blessings to you, my Friends....


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  1. Just beautiful!! I didn't know your daughter was engaged! I am so happy for her. She is a beautiful girl! When will you start shopping for your dress? I can't wait to see what you come up with!


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