Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Day 7 - The Opportunity to Blog!!!

When I started blogging here at "Janie's Porch", just over two years ago, I didn't realize just how valuable and important the project would become in my life....

I have learned much, mostly through trial and error.  I have studied other blogs and gleaned information and pointers on style and content.  And, through a process over time, have become comfortable with where my blog is heading.  I know what I like to look at and read, and I know what I want to talk about, so the direction of "Janie's Porch" has evolved.  In fact, it continues to evolve and change as my life changes, reflecting the journey from my perspective.

When I first started blogging, I contacted the writer of a blog I greatly admire.  She was so gracious to give me advice and feedback, helping me to develop my own style.  She encouraged me to add photos to the blog to make it visually interesting and that is one part of blogging that I truly enjoy - capturing images to share my thoughts.  To this day, I still read and admire her blog for its variety and balance and because it is just so aesthetically pleasing. 

I went through a period of time when "readership" became terribly important to me.  I "linked up" to as many posts as possible, visited other blogs and tried to attract "followers".  Only thing was - it seemed that my content suffered, at least on a personal level.  I would see an increase in the number of followers, but I rarely heard back from any of them;  it was as if they followed me simply so I would follow them; it was merely a numbers game. 

So, I shifted my focus back to sitting down in front of a blank computer screen and paying attention to the words to which I actually committed to sharing.  What works for another blogger doesn't necessarily work for me, and vice versa.  I can only write about what I know, feel and understand.  I can't blog non-stop about crafts or projects that I don't have time to do; I'm not the world's greatest cook and don't have an endless supply of recipes to share; I'm not a decorating diva that fine tunes the furnishings in our home every other week; and I'm certainly not a spiritual adviser or devotional leader who toggles out sage writings!

I'm just Jane, plain and simple.  And part of my experience with blogging has been discovering more about who I really am.

One of the unexpected perks of blogging has been in making new "friends" here.  I love reading the comments left by visitors and there have been some who stop by often enough and leave messages that make me feel as if I know them.  Although I have never met these friends in person, I treasure the interaction with them and the encouragement they offer when they leave remarks.  I find I have much in common with people from around the world on certain topics!

Today, I am thankful for the opportunity to host "Janie's Porch".  I'm thankful for the technology that enables me to share posts and publish my thoughts and opinions on the modern marvel known as the worldwide web.  And I'm thankful for the friends and readers I get to interact with as a result.  I count this venture as a tremendous blessing!

Thankful for your visit today.....




  1. Well said Miss Jane! Blogging can seem stressful to me at times. I almost feels like homework and I hate homework. So, I just blog whenever and about whatever!

    Take care girl!

  2. I'm glad that you started blogging and that you are continuing to share *just you* with us. *Just you* is authentic and a pleasure for me to visit whenever I can. Thanks so much for sharing. This post was wonderfully written.


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