Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Welcome, November...

Good morning, November!!!

You have arrived sunny, windy and crisp.  With carved pumpkins still sitting on the steps out front, and leaves drifting down to settle on the lawn.  Like a breath of fresh air, you came during the night.

Now my thoughts turn towards nesting; cozying up on chilly evenings with a cup of steaming cider.  Darkness falls before the dinner hour.  The smell of fireplace smoke floats in the air. 

You are my favorite, you know.  My favorite time of the year.  Before the Christmas frenzy starts, when the world pauses to take a look around and reflect on all the Blessings bestowed in the Harvest. 

Stay for a while and let me take it all in.  Soak up the weakening rays of the sun on late afternoons, scuff along in the leaves.  Enjoy time with the Loved Ones. 

Welcome, November......


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  1. Beautiful photograph. Summer is my favourite time of the year but I do love the Fall colours while they last.


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