Monday, October 31, 2011


What a wonderful evening with Family tonight!

Put together an impromptu dinner of simple "hamburger stew" late this afternoon.  Opted for store bought jalapeno cheese bread, corn muffins and thumbprint cookies to keep the stress levels down since this was kinda "last minute".  Grabbed a few extra pumpkins while I was at the store. Then Bonnie, Ben & Bethany, Sam, Mom and Daddy gathered at our house......and we had a terrific time!  

Pumpkin carving commences on the back porch

We had wonderful, mild weather for being out of doors
In comparison to last year, it seemed we had quite a few kids come to the door for treats.  We just about ran out of candy!!!  I had to bring out my secret stash of snack-size Heath bars for the last few kids.  (I guess that's probably a good thing....)

This is how our porch looked at the end of an evening of carving........

Kinda spooky, huh? 

Hope you've had a fun time with your loved ones this evening!

A big BOO to you!!!



  1. Love that our pumpkin carving is still a family event. Looks like they all had fun and they all did a great job. Your walkway and porch looks awesome!

  2. Oops, typo. That should have read, *your pumpkin carving*


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