Thursday, October 20, 2011

At the End of the Day.......

Such a busy, hectic day!!!  And I still have so much to do!!!  If you see a  crazy lady darting around with patches of her hair yanked out, it's probably me. 

I just realized, in all my rushing around, I have not even eaten today!  My tummy is reminding me of this by twisting itself into knots. 

Yet, I sit here at my computer....thoughts swirling and crashing around in my head, competing for that coveted spot at the front of the line. 

And....I breathe.  Slowly.  Deeply.  In and out....trying to calm my rapidly beating heart and still my mind....

For just a moment.  Of Peace.

God is blessing me, Friends.  Truly, He is!  My business is coming right along and the work of many weeks and months is coming together.  It's just all coming together at the same time!  And the pace is frenzied. 

A cool head is essential in the Real Estate business.  So many details to remember.  Lots of loose ends to tie up neatly and behind the scenes.  So easy for it to all unravel if the ball is dropped.  I realize that people's Dreams depend upon the quality of my service to them. 

And so I sit and try to compose myself....organize those wily, frantic thoughts into some semblance of order and priority. Perhaps this action - just stopping and committing these words to print - will help me to achieve the energy and calm I need to finish this day.

Lord, help me to be still and listen for your voice.  Guide me and bless me with your sweet spirit of calm.  Give me focus and multiply my efforts.  But, above all, Thank You for all that You have already done to bring me to this point.  Your grace sustains me.  It is enough.  

Hugs to you all.....


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  1. Hang in there and breathe! The prayers go a long way too. You have worked so hard and I am so glad to see you being so successful!


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