Sunday, October 30, 2011

When To Start???

I was sitting here this morning, looking at the calender.....Thanksgiving, followed closely by December, is just around the corner.  I am trying to stay focused on the "holiday" right before us - Halloween.  But, my thoughts are already racing towards the next decorating bonanza.....

Our tree - 2010
 The dilemma for me always boils down to "when" to start the Christmas decorating!  Unfortunately or otherwise, I generally start putting out Christmas decorations out and decking the tree prior to Thanksgiving.  My twisted logic tells me that if I can have everything done prior to Thanksgiving, I will then be able to fully enjoy the four-day weekend without being in the throes of stringing lights and garland. 

Somehow, the special Joy that is the spirit of Thanksgiving seems to get overlooked.  Shouldn't we still have signs of Autumn and the abundant harvest adorning our home as we stop for the day with Family and simply give Thanks?  Instead, it has turned into a pre-Christmas escapade, with all eyes focused on the debut of this year's tree and tiny lights.  It's almost like we're doing Christmas twice....

And so I am contemplating how to proceed this year.  When to start the Christmas frenzy......

When do you start turning your thoughts towards Christmas???



  1. My Christmas shopping starts early November and I usually do it within two days but don't wrap until I've got the decorations done (except for out of town presents). My decorating does not get done until mid December and I leave it up until New Year's Day. If I decorated any earlier than that I'd be so tired of it all on Boxing Day!

  2. Leaving in Canada, makes it a little easier to get through Thanksgiving (we celebrate usually around the 13th of October) before bringing out the Christmas celebrations. As Christmas, the week-end the Santa Clause parade occurs in the city (usually 2nd week-end of November).. I say let the Christmas decor begin!! Happy Sunday xo HHLE

  3. I just can't do it until right after Thanksgiving! I won't even listen to Christmas music until the day after Thanksgiving! Granted... I am almost done Christmas shopping, but the decorating will start when we get home from my MIL's and her turkey!! I love Thanksgiving and don't want to miss out on it in my frenzy of Christmas plus I always want Christmas to be an exciting thing. I worry that if I put it all out in November that by December 15th, it is old. That is just me! I love it all and love the house all lit up, but I save it.


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