Puppy Tales

Update - Since posting this page, our pack has gone through some changes....big changes.  My sweet Scout crossed the rainbow bridge in July, 2013, after a difficult battle with congestive heart failure.  Our handsome Jake began declining in May, 2015 and within six months he, too, made that trip across the bridge.  Now, we just have Pepper - still as goofy and loveable as ever.  It's been a hard trek - aging pets are not for the faint of heart.  But, I wouldn't give up a day of the unconditional love we had with our furry family. 

Oh, what would Life be without our pets, the animals we love?!?!? I cannot imagine.....

Let me introduce you to our "pack" (as Cesar would say), the three pups who share our home and lives -

Scout is our Diva.  She is nearly 12 years and she was with me and the kids well before Prince Charming came into our lives.  I think he realized right away that Scout and I were a package deal!  Mostly, I don't think Scout realizes she is a dog.  I believe she is under the impression that she is a human and the ruler of this house.  Although she has had many health issues through the years, she's still hanging strong with us, always refusing to give up her spot as "Mommy's #1".

Scout, the reigning diva
In April, 2008, we adopted Jake, our Australian Shepherd.  He was a rescue dog, having been surrendered by his previous owner when he was diagnosed with heartworms.  When we found him (although we were not really planning on getting a dog), he was nearing the end of his treatment, but he flourished when we got him home.  Since you never know what you're getting into when you take a rescue dog, we were amazed and thankful to discover his wonderful, sweet nature - especially with children.  Right from the start, he treated Scout like the Empress and respected her and his place in the pecking order.

Jake, the wonder dog
Within a year of getting Jake, we happened upon Pepper.  Now, we had absolutely no intention of adding another pup to the pack, but she just stole my heart!  She is a WalMart puppy.  Yep, we bought her out of the back of a truck in the WalMart parking lot.  And she is the sweetest, goofiest, most simple-minded little pup of all!  She rounds out the pack with her own unique style.

Pepper, our little goofball

Jake and Pepper often go with us to run errands when the weather is mild.  They both love riding in the truck, doesn't matter where we're going.  Even Scout likes to go along when we head to Sonic for tater tots.   They love any place that has a "magic window" where you get food.....

Waiting for tots at Sonic in our Christmas sweaters!

Why do dogs love sticking their heads out the window and letting the wind blow their ears back???
Jake even gets to go to Trayden's soccer games sometimes....he loves being around people, especially kids!
As I am writing about them, all three are laying around my feet under the desk.  Snuggled up together and snoozing patiently.  If you're not a "dog person", that's okay.  But, I bet if you spent a little time with our critters, they could convert you!

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