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Our Holiday Home Tour - Finally!!!

Now that I am "getting back on my feet" - literally - I thought I would share a bit of our Christmas cheer with you.  Although we kept it really simple this year, it has felt warm and cozy while I have been mostly homebound during my recovery this holiday season.  Won't you step on inside and have a look around????

We only have one tree this year....and it is has been pared down considerably.  Nestled to one side of the living room, this is the second year we have used this "pencil" style, pre-lit tree.  The size is just right for our space and I love how quickly it fills up with ornaments!

Rather than drag out our bins and boxes of our cherished ornaments (after all, anything you unpack and use has to be repacked!), I went to Walmart and purchased all new silver, gold and cream colored ornaments.  For about $15, I got plenty of these shatterproof ornaments and glittery snowflakes to dress the tree; then I dug around in storage and brought out our gold icicle ornaments and crystal drops to fill in the empty spaces. 

 I love the beautiful gold fabric ribbon from Michael's - and better yet, it was on sale 40% off!  I wrapped it around the tree and made double bows for a tree-topper.  I absolutely love the simple elegance of our tree this year! 

Again, keeping in mind that anything I unpacked would have to be put away after the holidays, I kept our credenza display very simple.  This beautiful nativity was purchased at Kirland's several years ago for only $10.  I admit, I hadn't found a spot for it here at our new home in the last three years.  So, it felt new again when I brought it out.  (Unfortunately, Baby Jesus got a hand broken off during the unpacking, and I have yet to get it glued back....)  I used the beautiful mercury bulb lights that I purchased at Big Lots a few months ago - simply draped over some greenery and finished with some more ivory and gold fabric ribbon from Michael's.  With a crystal hurricane lamp and some simple votives, this vignette is a reminder of the reason for the season! 

I was looking forward to working in some decor on the round coffee table, since this is it's first year in our living room.  Ivory "prayer candles" from the grocery store, a gold charger, some silver glass balls and a few little bottlebrush trees.....and I have a glowing display in the center of the room!  

The burlap wreath was the result of a "project party" at work.  One of the ladies gave us the supply list and we all met up at the office one evening and to create these rustic wreaths and share a meal.  I used more of the ivory and gold ribbon and an inexpensive floral pick with greenery, berries and pine cones to dress this up.  

In the kitchen and dining area, I once again dressed the corner hutch with greenery, twinkle lights, jingle bells and my beloved little elves.  We started out with multi-colored lights (because they were already twined around the greenery), but had to replace with a new string of clear lights a few days ago.  I think I am really loving the brighter look of the clear lights! 

To add just one more bit of simple Christmas style to this area, I hung a grapevine wreath with some holly and a red & white gingham ribbon on the architectural window hanging on our bead board wall.  It's a small touch, but really adds some cheer!

Since I have been home from the hospital, I have received two lovely baskets of poinsettias.  Mom helped me set up some small tables to display them in the living room, so we could really enjoy the pop of seasonal color in that room.  I think they are the crowning touch to our simple holiday decor! 

So, that is it - our cozy little cottage, dressed for the holidays.  We are very blessed to have such a warm and inviting home to share with family and friends.  And I am very thankful to feel recovered and well enough to share this post with you - even though it is already only a couple of days until Christmas! 

Have you ever taken the approach of downscaling in your holiday decorations?  While it has been a nice change for us around here, how did it work for you?  I hope you will take a moment to leave a comment below and share your thoughts with me!  

Wishing you many Christmas blessings....



  1. Everything looks so pretty. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    1. Thanks, Karen. I hope you enjoy a blessed Christmas, too!

  2. I'm so happy to see you back in the blogging world! Glad you are feeling up to it, and I love the simplicity of your decorations this year! Ya'll have a Merry Christmas!!

    1. Thanks, Amber. Good to be back and out of the fog!!! Those first few days after surgery are just kind of a blur....but, I am enjoying being snuggled in here at home!


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