What the Heck Happened the Last 5 Months?!?!?

Well, I realize it has been months and months of "no posts" over here on Janie's Porch.  It's been shameful, the way I have neglected the blog!  But, I had myself a dilemma....

Sure, I can whine and tell you how busy I've been....work, work, work.  Blame the lack of content on having no time!  It wouldn't be untruthful.....I have been busy......

But, that wasn't really the reason......

You see, it all started when I bought a new "tablet", back in January.  Oh, I love it!  It is a Surface Pro and I can do just about anything - personal or work - on it.  And it fits in my bag and can go with me everywhere.....including the easy chair, bed or sofa.....which is where, to be totally honest, I do most of my blogging.  

Small problem, though.  When I updated to Windows 8.1 shortly after I got it, my browser also upgraded to IE 11.  Well, Blogger simply hasn't gotten up to speed and isn't compatible with IE 11.  So, I would work and work on composing a post and, when I went to drop in photos, it would just sit there and spin and spin.....and spin.....and frustrate the living heck out of me!  

So, I just walked away from it.....until I had the patience to finally figure out that I simply needed to install a different browser - one that is compatible with Blogger.  After researching it a bit, I spent about 30 seconds installing the Google Chrome browser, and voila!  I can now drop those photos in just as easily as ever!!!! 

Here is the photo that started it all - the one I tried to upload for about a week......and I don't even remember the nature of the post that went with it, after all this time!  I know it is a photo of the house I grew up in, but I will need to work on remembering the words it inspired......

But, at least I am once again "operational", or maybe a better word is "functional".  Maybe I can begin to nudge my brain back into blog mode after such a lengthy layout.  

I did try to keep posting little blips over on my Janie's Porch Facebook page - lots of photos there.  If you haven't visited and "followed" over there, I hope you will.  It is so much more "instant" in nature and easy to communicate quickly on Facebook.  And, I will share links to new posts there (just in case you're like me and don't always make it over to check the blog reader for new posts!).  There is a link to my FB page in the right column....down there somewhere>>>>>>>>>

There is sure to be lots of catching up to do in the coming days and weeks!  Feels fine to be back and looking forward to more "visits" soon!!!



  1. So glad you got it figured out! I was worried that you had given up on blogging! Welcome back!


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