Thursday, December 3, 2009

DeCkEd OuT for ChRisTmAs!!!

'Tis the week after Thanksgiving, and the house is all decked out for Christmas!

It took me the better part of two days to sort through all the plastic bins, put together and shape trees, hang lights and garlands, and place all the ornaments...but, it's done! Now Eddie and I can sit back and enjoy the Christmas wonderland by treelight and candlelight.

In the living room, we have two trees. The main tree has its place in the corner by the piano. It branches are filled with many special ornaments, tipped with glass birds, shimmery poinsettias, and red and gold glass candles (my favorite Dollar General find this year!).

By the front window, we have our special Texas tree. It holds all the ornaments we have picked up from around the state and our western and Texas-themed ornaments. This is a treasured collection to two lovers of Texas History!

Our old-fashioned ranch house has the front door in the kitchen/dining area. We just love the welcome this provides and have placed a tree in the window right next to the door. Besides its candy-themed ribbons and bright red and green balls and glass beads, it is loaded with wooden ornaments, tin cookie cutters and many of the old-fashioned flocked ornaments I collected as a child. To top it off, candy canes are hung on the branches to be taken by visitors to our home (or one of us if a craving for peppermint strikes).

Back in my pink girlie retreat, a small alpine tree hung with aqua and blue glass balls sits atop my grandmother's cedar chest. I found some beautiful taupe ribbon with silver and aqua shimmer to top this little tree.

I love having a little bit of Christmas in every room of the house! I placed one of my grandmother's dishes filled with red, green and gold glass balls on the the dresser. The light from the lamp and a yummy-smelling candle reflect off the glass and add just the right touch.

Now, the porch hasn't undergone its transformation yet. Eddie has already begun stringing lights all around the trees and fences. This weekend, we will take out all the yard decorations and string multi-colored lights and white icicle lights around the roofline. Deer, snowmen, snowflakes and even a polar bear will make an appearance. And our house will be visible once again from the loop at the edge of town!

I'm linking up with Deck the Halls - - where you can get lots of great ideas and inspiration!

Happy Decorating!!!



  1. Lovely!
    Con you come do my house before guests arrive for dinner tomorrow night? Yeah. And I have done Nuh. Thing.

  2. Thanks, Angelica! Sure, as soon as I help the Hubby finish hanging the outdoor lights, assemble all the lighted deer and trees for the front yard, AND clean the house, I will toodle right on over! LOL

  3. Love the trees Jane! And the Texas tree is a great idea. Everything looks warm and inviting!
    Happy Weekend
    All Things Heart and Home

  4. was sooooo much fun to work together to get it like we wanted it

  5. All your trees are so nice. I like the Texas tree.

  6. Very nice and festive, great job!

  7. Cute trees love that they are all different !
    I have never seen a Texas tree ! Thanks for sharing !

  8. Thanks to all of you, Ladies! It's great to have you stop by for a visit...and know that I'm taking a peek at your efforts, too!

  9. Jane you have some really pretty ornaments on your trees but the snow globes really caught my eye.

  10. Thanks, Lori! I intend to highlight my snowglobe collection in an upcoming blog. They are really special to me. I admit I'm just ga~ga for snowglobes...must be something from my childhood!


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