Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What I was missing....

At the age of 48, I could honestly claim to have never had a cup of coffee...until recently! Believe it or not, I went all those years with nothing more than a sip of the brew, which I swore was too bitter for human consumption.

Then something amazing happened. In a weak moment, I allowed my mother to convince me to let her prepare a cup of coffee with her favorite french vanilla creamer for me. The first few sips....still bitter. About halfway through the cuppa joe, though, the taste changed. I don't know if my tastebuds have just matured or if it's really the creamer, but it started to taste kinda good. I finished that cup and didn't look back.

Now, I've discovered International Coffee's French Vanilla Cafe instant cofee and look forward to a cup each morning. I discovered that the cappucino machine at Taylormart has the most yummy french vanilla cappucino and that has replaced my morning diet coke on the way to work. I can't wait to check out Starbucks this weekend while we're in Abilene because there's a shop just down the street from my Mom's house. I keep hearing about this pumpkin flavored latte and have to try it!

Oh, my! What has happened to me?!?!? Mother, dear, you have created a monster! A caffeine-craving coffee junkie!!!

Weird thing is that I want to share this new-found love of mine. I keep trying to get Ed to taste the different flavored coffees, but he merely shudders and makes a face. He doesn't understand...he doesn't realize what he is missing. And, to think...just a couple of short weeks ago, I was just like him....I just didn't know what I was missing....



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  1. Oh coffee is the nectar of the god's!!! I can't live without it! I started my kids on it when they were tiny...it was really warm cream and a drip of coffee...but I couldn't bear the thought of them not drinking it.
    Starbucks has super strong (robust!) coffee so stick with the lattees. Keep working on the hubby, he'll come around.
    Oh, and just revel in the Starbucks Christmas RED cups...I swear I made a special trip on the day in November they started using those cups (they'll stop in Jan.), holding one of those just makes me feel like all is right with the world!
    All Things Heart and Home


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