Thursday, August 26, 2010

Reflecting on Summer, 2010...

What a Summer it has been!  As the days get a little shorter and the sun takes on a different slant, I have to pause and reflect on what's been going on in the last three months...

My blogging has been sporadic at best this season.  I mean, c'mon, I think I posted three blogs in three months!  That's downright pitiful in the blog world.  But, my attention has been focused elsewhere and that was a very good thing for me. 

First off, I committed to making a turn-around in my life from a physical standpoint.  I joined a wonderful health club and totally immersed myself in a routine of exercise and healthy eating!  And it is paying off - in more ways than one!  Not only did I meet my goal for weight-loss for the 12-week period, I developed some really great habits that will continue to make a difference for me as I grow stronger. 

Now my day doesn't seem complete without a brisk walk in the morning and plenty of phsyical exercise.  I've sweated my way through weightlifting and tai chi/yoga/pilates classes and gained both lean muscle and flexibility beyond what I imagined possible.  The benefits are immeasurable - both physically and mentally!

The time spent working out has helped me to focus on me and my goals.  It has become a time to nourish my own body and soul - and this is something that was sorely lacking in my life before. 

Secondly, I started studying for a totally new career.  And realize that I said "career" and not "job"!  I am nearing the end of a 7-class educational program to qualify to take the state exam to get my real estate license.  And now that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, I am even more excited about the possibilities!  Everything about this just feels right for me at this time in my life. 

Finally, I have been able to really spend time with family since we now all live in the same town.  Whether it's "junkin" with Mom, helping my boys prepare for getting their own "first place" or playing in the pool with my grandkids - it's all become a part of the daily threads weaving my life together. 

And let me just take this oppurtunity to say that this season of growth would never have been possible without the tremendous support of Eddie.  He has put up with working around my exercise classes, eating healthier and what some would consider my "self absorption" without complaint! 

As Summer winds down, I'm excited about what has been accomplished - even though blogging was sorely neglected.  Everyone needs some time when they focus on getting their lives back on track once in a while.  A time when they nurture themselves so they can nurture others, in turn.  This was one of those times for me.  And one of the most valuable lessons I have learned is that it is important to make time for self in order to be the best person you can be for your loved ones!!!

So, tell me....what have you been doing this Summer?  How has this season impacted your life?  I would love to hear what you've been up to!


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  1. What a wonderful post and I am so glad to see that you have taken this time to focus on what is important!!! You need to post a new picture of your svelte self!!! I am proud of you. Losing weight and being healthy is so hard! I just started a diet program and am determined to get back in shape. It is an easy habit to break! All the time with your family is priceless. I know it has been a wonderful summer for you!

    We have traveled to Michigan and Tennessee. We have swam, been to the beach, and I have really started working on my photography. I think maybe, just maybe I want to be a photographer when I grow up! It has been a wonderful summer of being with Jemma and just being a mom. I love it!

    So glad to see you back and can't wait to hear from you again!


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