Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Where Do You Blog???

Are you sometimes curious to see where other bloggers do "their thing"?  Well, when I found the link to this "Where Do You Blog? Party", I had to check it out.  You can drop by the party by just clicking here.

There are some really fabulous home office spaces....and some shots of the corner of the living room sofa, or a barstool at the kitchen counter....I even saw a lawn chair on the patio!  Bloggers find all sorts of places to get creative. 

Well, here is where I have my desk and work area tucked away....in the back corner of our guest bedroom.

I love this room.  It's the only "girlie" room in our house and I have claimed it as my own!  The windows on the east wall get the morning sun, filtered through mesquite trees out in our backyard.  The single window on the south side gets some nice, bright afternoon sun.  This room is filled with light most of the day! 

The desk was a find in an antique shop in  New Braunfels....it travelled home in the back of my Explorer one year after vacation.  I believe it is called a "piano desk" because the top can be folded down over the work/storage area - just like the cover over the keyboard of a piano.

I already had the bedding and green-painted furniture, so I went with a soothing turquoise on the walls in here.  The green sheers on the windows were a steal at WalMart for $5 apiece.  They frame the windows
and still let in the light.   And, for me at least, they somehow tie all the colors in the room together.

Although this is my dedicated work/computer/study area, I have to admit.....you're just as likely to find me out in the rocker with my laptop on the front porch most days.

But, I am working really hard to develop good habits and sit in a proper chair while I am on the computer.  Honestly, I'm trying to be a grown-up and work at this desk - I am! 

And the dogs are helping me out by keeping me company this evening...Jake and Pepper, right under my feet....

And Scout on her pillow beneath the window......

So, there you have it....this is where I blog.  And I wouldn't have it any other way!

How about you?  Where do you get creative on the computer?  Or, are you like me, a "anywhere I can sit with my laptop" kind of person???

Until later....



  1. What a lovely space and I love all your four leggers!!! I am trapped at a desk on a desktop! When we got my new computer, Tom kept saying... are you SURE you don't want a lap top. I could kick myself sometimes now!!

  2. Oh, Kathryn, I don't know how I would live without my laptop!!! LOL. Next time you will know! Thank you for the comment. *Jane*


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