Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Uh-Oh....the Big 5-0!!!

Whew!  The last three months since I made it over to The Porch to post have been a blur.....of business, activity, no time....

But, with my BIG BIRTHDAY lurking around the corner - in less than four hours, to be exact - I felt compelled to make the time to get a new post up here at Janie's Porch. 

When I say BIG BIRTHDAY, I mean exactly that!  
This is a milestone, any way you look at it!!!  
The big FIVE-OH!!!!

More than anything, it has been an occasion for me to just stop, take a deep breath and reflect on my Life up to this point.  And, you know what?  It's been a Good Life, very good, indeed. 

I have been blessed beyond measure!  I was raised by loving parents - my younger sister and I had a happy childhood, so safe and secure. 

Mom (18), Dad (23) and Me (11 days)
Jane and Jill, growing up on Blair Street
I have the love of a Good Man!  He makes me feel like a Queen, the most important person in the whole wide world.  Who can ask for more than that?!?!?

Heading out to celebrate our 7th anniversary
I have three fantastic children, who make me proud every day to be their "momma"!

Benjamin, Bonnie, Mom and Samuel (l to r)
 I have two adorable grandchildren, who just make Life fun and exciting!

Trayden and Ansleigh all ready for the Rodeo!
I have the three best PUPS on the planet!  They enrich my Life in ways you just won't understand if you don't have a beloved pet.

Jake, the Wonder Dog

Pepper and Scout

I have an exciting new career and am off to a great start!  It's challenging and rewarding every single day.

Me with my Broker, Steve, on the occasion of my first closing and commission check!
Yep, I am BLESSED and thankful to have made it this far in Life.  Looking forward to the next 50!!!

Take the time to stop and count your Blessings today! 

A multitude of hugs to you......



  1. What a lovely post with sweet reflections and happy photographs. Congratulations on turning 50 and being able to look back with such fond memories over the years. Best wishes for a fantastic year making even better memories.

    P.S. You are blessed with a lovely family and congrats on your first sale and commission cheque! I missed that post :(

  2. Wonderful post and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I have the big 4-0 in 2 weeks and I feel like you... blessed!!!! I hope you have a magnificent day!!!!!

  3. Happy Birthday to you!!! You look wonderful!!!

  4. Happy Birthday!!! You look Fabulous!! Wishing continued success and much laughter ...blessings, xo HHL


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