Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Daily Routine....

Do you ever have ambivalent feelings about getting up and around in the mornings???

I sure do!  I admit, quickly and frequently, that I am not a "morning person".  I love snuggling down under the covers and sleeping in.  I generally need a good half-hour to get rolling and even think about heading for the shower.  My routine requires a quick sip of iced Coke Zero to wet my whistle, followed by a generous cup of hot coffee laced with flavored creamer.  Taking the dogs out to do their business and dawdling on the patio for a few minutes with my caffeine in hand....checking e-mail and Facebook to see if I've missed anything important while sleeping....wandering about the house in a stupor for a bit.....all part of my daily routine. 

Most days, I have some sort of idea what the agenda will be.  I almost always work in my DayPlanner right before going to bed so I will be sure to have a general outline in place for the next day.  And I always feel the need to incorporate a lot of "dawdle time" to get going in the morning. 

For instance, today I know I need to get some housekeeping done.  Change out the bed linens, dust and vacuum, clean the bathroom.  I've been up for a couple of hours, but still haven't gotten dressed or started.  So, here is my big debate for the day.....

Do I go ahead and shower, put on makeup and decent clothes prior to cleaning??? 

Or, would it be better to just hang in my jammies and get everything around here done first???

I don't plan on leaving the house and being out in public, but should I maybe make myself more presentable - just in case??? 

Silly dilemma, isn't it?  Even calling it a "dilemma" seems a bit strange, now that I look at the words.  But, it's one that I have created in my mind.  I prefer working around here in a state of tousled disarray, but a part of me feels like I should have myself more "pulled together" than that.  Like, maybe I would be more productive if I did all that grooming before I set about my chores....

What do you do?  I have an odd admiration for people who just get up and get themselves groomed in the mornings before they embark on the day's activities, even when it's just around the house.  I wish I could be one of the those people....and some days, I actually am.....

But, this morning, the lazy jammie-clad girl inside is winning the battle! 


  1. Jammies win every time with me!!! Why waste time gussying up if you're just gonna get dirty? Then, that shower feels so good and you can enjoy relaxing with everything done! My morning routine on weekends sounds a lot like yours!

    1. Jammies won out yesterday....and, you are so right, the shower and "wind down" after cleaning felt wonderful! Thanks for stopping by The Porch!

  2. Inevitably, every time I decide to laze around in my jammies the doorbell rings and I'm caught! Hope you are enjoying your day.

    1. Exactly, Paula! I hate when that happens!!!

  3. I'm quite often a do the chores in my jammies type gal too! I think you're my newest blog follower! Welcome!

    1. The consensus seems to be that most of us will work in our jammies or ratty sweats and get cleaned up afterwards. So glad to know I am not alone! And, yes, I just discovered your blog and am so enjoying catching up!

  4. oh I wish that this morning I could have just stayed in bed! What a lovely morning that would be :) What you need is more kids....they make sure your up and going in the morning ~ lol!! Sometimes I think that after they go to school I could just hop in bed for another hour...but somehow that never seems to happen!
    I vote stay in the pj's and putz around today ~ whatever you decide, hope you have a terrific day :)
    (Love the new look of the blog, by the way...and look, you've even got a bird on your border!!)

  5. I like to get showered and dressed before I start the chores. And that is just in case someone comes to the door. The last time I got all involved in cleaning before I had gotten dressed my son's school called for me to come pick him up because he was sick. So I had to just throw on a pair of jeans fast and was running out the door with my hair a mess and no makeup. I didn't make a great impression at school.


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