Saturday, January 7, 2012

Finally - a New Roof!!!

We have been so fortunate to have some beautiful, warmer days here in the last week!!!  It almost makes one forget that this is January....

The warmer weather allowed the roofers to get over here and put our new roof on this week.  Yea!!!  We had an awful hail storm on Easter Sunday, damaging many roofs in town.  Waiting lists grew very long, particularly for the most-favored contractors.  And we waited many months for our contractor to get to our house! 

Let me tell you - it was quite an experience for the three dogs residing in our home.  The crew swarmed over the roof, beginning about 8:30, peeling off the old roof.  The noise level was incredible and the dogs were quite alarmed.  For 8 hours it continued....the noise and the barking!!!  The biggest challenge was getting the pups outside to go potty.  I finally resorted to putting them on a leash, one at a time, dragging them outside to do their business.  Imagine their terror at seeing men up on the roof and air compressor hoses dangling off the back patio!  They were simply beside themselves.....

But, it is finished and they did a Fine Job!  The new color shingles look fabulous.  Now, we are just itching to get started with painting.  Off to Lowes I go to pick up color chips!!! 

Enjoying the quiet and peace of mind now that we have that project behind us......


  1. It's hard to wait for a contractor when you need or want a job done but usually the good ones are booked and that's when waiting becomes an exercise in patience that in the end truly pays off. Glad your roof is finished. My dog would have probably had an anxiety attack with all the noise that occurred.

  2. A job well done then! Those hail storms can be pretty rough, especially when the hailstones are pretty big. Anyway, it's a good time to get a new roof. It's a refreshing change, but most importantl, it will be sturdier in case of another hail storm.

  3. It is best to consider the services of reliable contractors when having your roof changed. Looks like you got yourself a good contractor. With a little time, patience, and money, you now have a new roof! Regards to your dogs! They must’ve been stressed the whole time your roof was being changed. At least now, all of you can be at ease inside your home.

  4. It pays to hire a reputable roofing contractor to repair or install your new roof. Well, it didn’t seem like it took long before you got your roof up! By the way, send my regards to your dogs! That must’ve been a stressful experience for them. Now that everything’s almost done, all of you can relax in the comfort of your home.

  5. I pity your dogs! The noise must have stressed them that day! Anyway, it is already done, so no more roofing problems for you! Now, both you and your dogs can safely stay inside your house no matter what weather may come.

    -Mary Martin


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