Thursday, March 1, 2012

Pretty Much a Perfect Day!!!

What a wonderful day!!!  The weather was warm and sunny - the temperature reaching the mid-80's.  Incredible weather for the first day of fact, it was so warm that I actually broke out a pair of Yellow Box flip flops to wear....oh,  yes, I did!!!

The nail polish is actually much prettier in person - a lovely beachy-looking glimmer that makes me think of Summer!

Since Eddie Dale and I are both working this weekend, we took the opportunity to play hookie today!  Yep, slept in and then got ready while he did his "guy" errands (i.e., washing the truck and going to buy weed killer).  When he arrived back at the house, he carried this in.......just because he is such a sweetheart.......

Yellow of our favorites here in the Lone Star State!  Looks so good in our living room, too!

We went to one of our favorite hamburger joints, Gloria's, which is in an old building across the street from the courthouse.  Then we headed off to Academy to shop for Trayden's birthday - we've been told he wants anything in camo.  Easy enough!

I also picked up a present for a dear friend who has a birthday this weekend.  Don't you just love this terrific bag and tissue paper from Bath & Body Works???  How absolutely cute and summery is that?!?!?  This will definitely get re-used......

Scent overload when you walk into Bath & Body Works, but they are right on target with their summery gift bags!

Now, the most heavenly scents are coming from our kitchen as Eddie Dale toils away in there over supper!  I have the door in the back room open and can hear a neighbor mowing their lawn.....oh, it feels so delightful.  Although they are forecasting a cold front tomorrow night and much cooler temps, I am loving this first day of March.

Feeling pretty blessed with all the little things that seemed so right today!  Sometimes, it is all about the ordinary moments we spend with loved ones that turn out to be the best gifts of all......


  1. Love those yellow roses and great polish! Enjoy your weekend!


  2. What a great first day of March you had! Playing hooky does so my for the soul. Love your yellow roses. What a guy. Stay warm in your hopefully last blast of cold before spring.

  3. Having the windows open and hearing someone in the neighborhood mowing is my FAVORITE summer sound. Ever. :)


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