Saturday, March 31, 2012

Two Weeks???? Really?!?!?

Wow!  Has it really been TWO WEEKS since I was last posting here on The Porch?!?!?  Hard to believe.  Where is Time headed when it flies by so quickly???   What's the big hurry???

Heading into the "busy season" for a Realtor.  A lot going on with work and other commitments and blog time is the first place I start to trim.  But, isn't that the case for most of us?

This morning, I sat on the patio for a bit....enjoying the morning sun.  The mesquite trees have leafed out - a sure sign that Spring is here to stay.  We have several old, twisted mesquites in the backyard and their branches form a canopy of sorts over the lawn, filtering the sunlight and giving a soft green hue to the morning.  How nice it was to sit and watch birds on the lawn, gathering twigs and pieces of grass in the soft light....I don't know when a cup of coffee with hazelnut creamer has ever tasted so fine!

After a bit, I was ready to come in and tackle today's chores.  Scout and Pepper got baths and their flea/tick treatment.  I attempted to clip their nails, but it wasn't a total success.  Pepper got so frantic and wiggly that she head-butted my lip and I gave up.

Then I got busy on the house cleaning.....dusting, vacuuming, mopping.....the whole nine yards!  Laundry is a work in progress and will be throughout the day tomorrow, I am sure.

Finally, I am finished and just have a little time to sit and relax for a bit before Eddie gets home from work.  All three dogs are napping quietly in the living room and I have a cheesy Lifetime movie paused and ready to watch.  Odds are that I will enjoy a bit of a doze with the pups....

What are you up to this weekend?  Is this the time when you enjoying slowing down and recouping from the week?  Or, are you busy trying to catch up, too?

Whatever your plans, hope you have a terrific weekend!


  1. Well I for one, missed you! You've been awfully busy I see. I often wonder how people who work have time to do blog and keep up with other's blogs. I don't work and I have a hard time! I know you will enjoy your afternoon resting with the dogs. Blessings!

    1. Thank you, Ellen, for your encouraging words! It's often a juggling act for me - balancing everything. And I seem to drop the balls alot! LOL. But, I always come back around to my porch to help find a sense of balance. Being able to express myself here keeps me feeling grounded!

  2. I'm busy trying to catch up with my Google Reader and just tweeted that I have only three unread items left. All from your site:) Hope you have a very productive *busy realtor season* Almost nice enough here to sit out on the patio...soon :)


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