Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Snips and Snails......

And puppy dog tails!  That's what little boys are made of!!!

At least, you sure would have thought that this past weekend at our house......

Both Ben and Sam were hanging out over here for part of the day.  Oh, I know, they're not "little boys" anymore.....they're more like "grown men" now.......

But, they will always be my little boys!  (Sorry, guys!)

The dogs love having them around!  They just eat up all the attention and the rule-breaking (you know, that "no dogs on the bed" rule) that happen when their "bubba's" are here.  (And I just couldn't bear to be the "mean mommy" and break it all up....)

I caught all three pups up on Ben's bed with the boys......rolling around, tails wagging, having the best time with those goofy boys. 

Let me show you......

You will have to forgive the state of the room....the hangers on the doors, the partially made bed....I have had to adjust my definition of "neat" with a 23-year old guy living in that room!

Even so, it did my heart good to see them all enjoying just being together!  Them's my babies!!!

Grateful for the little moments today!

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  1. Such good looking boys! I know you love having them with you! Fur babies are pretty cute too!!


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