Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bumps and Blessings

Ever just feel like you're having one of those days when everything that can go wrong does go wrong?!?!?

It's almost like a snowball effect, picking up momentum and growing in girth as it barrels along.  One thing goes awry, then another.....and pretty soon you're afraid to answer the phone when it rings, for fear of what's waiting on the other end of the line!!!

Well, even in the midst of today's chaos, there were some rather significant blessings.  Yes, indeed, there were!

~ I took Pepper to the vet for a rash that has recently cropped up.  It really seemed to "bloom" over the weekend, with a patch of hair on her side just falling out overnight!  Really kinda scary!  Our wonderful vet did some skin scrapings on the affected areas, examined them under the microscope and determined that she simply has severe skin allergies and has gotten a staph infection where she had scratched herself raw.  So, for the next month, we are doing antibiotics and antihistamines twice a day.  Good news - no parasites or varmints eating on her skin and the condition is not contagious to the other dogs.  The medicine seems to be helping her rest more comfortably this evening, too.  So, overall, a pretty good outcome!

Hi, I'm Pepper and I'm stinkin' cute!!!
 ~ This evening, I spent nearly 3 hours helping fellow Realtors fit kids in our community for new shoes!  This was done through a community service program at our local Abilene Association of Realtors called "Walk with Pride".  Members of our association donate and raise money to provide a new pair of shoes for kids who qualify through a number of programs.  This year, we expect to put new shoes from Payless Shoes on the feet of 800 kids!!!  Okay, on the surface, you might wonder how this was a blessing to me.  I mean, honestly, I endured some pretty smelly little feets this evening!  But, wow, to see those kids' little faces light up when they found just the right pair of shoes and got to take them home was a big enough blessing! 

So, although there were some hiccups today, the blessings far outweighed the bumps.  Better to count the blessings and be thankful rather than moan and groan about the obstacles.

How was your day?  I hope the blessings outweighed the bumps for you, too!

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