Monday, February 4, 2013

Daily AFFIRMATION via Post-It.....

I just love Post-It sticky notes.....and the many ways they can be utilized! 

I started doing this, off and on, several years ago.  When I found a quote, photo or something that I really want to imprint at a deeper level, I would jot it down and stick it on a mirror where I would see it several times a day.  Since Eddie Dale and I share a bathroom and humidity might create a "sticky" issue, I have posted this little message to myself on the full-length mirror next to the door of my closet. 

Okay, interpret that in any way you's not that I look in the mirror numerous times out of vanity.  It's just that I know I will see it here when I am getting ready every morning....or before I leave the house. 

Here is an idea, albeit an AFFIRMATION, that I can look at - and say out loud - as I am checking my appearance each day......

It reminds me to TRUST (my One Word for this year) and BELIEVE that God has great blessings in store for me.  It also prompts me to seek GUIDANCE with each step.  And it brings to mind one of my favorite scriptures to start off the day.....

"This is the day the LORD has made.  We will rejoice and be glad in it!" - Psalm 118:24

Since this little reminder has gone up, I have repeated it enough times that I am now finding myself automatically incorporating it into my thoughts and prayers throughout the day. 

Does it work?  Well, how would you go about measuring the results?  

I can say, without reservation, that it truly brings a sense of PEACE to mind when I dwell on it.  And having it so close to the surface of my mind keeps these positive words accessible when I find myself thinking negative thoughts.  So, when I get stressed or discouraged and negative thoughts start creeping in, I can switch tracks easily by focusing on this affirmation. 

Since I am a visual person, and really need to see things written down to latch on, this method works for me.  Do you have something similar that helps you?   

If you do, I hope you will share it in the comment section below - it might really be an blessing to someone else who reads it.  If not, give this a try for a few days - your own words of encouragement, or maybe a pertinent scripture - and see if it helps you stayed focused and positive.

Pushing onward and upward.....


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  1. What a wonderful idea Jane, will have to give that a go.Just started blogging again after a long time out of the blogging world but so glad to be back to read all my favourites. I remember you used to have a photo of your lovely porch at the top of your blog and I still feel jealous hehe. Have a lovely weekend! Karen :) x


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