Monday, March 4, 2013

First Monday in March...

Happy Monday, sweet friends!  We are into March now and I'm totally infected with Spring Fever!!!

Life has been busy, busy, busy!  But, I am resisting the urge to ask the Lord for more than 24 hours in the day.....or to help me cope with life on four hours of sleep a night.  Instead, I pray that I manage the time that I do have and still take care of my earthly body.  Somehow, I don't think He necessarily wants me to burn the candle at both ends.....but, wants me to learn to TRUST in Him to work with the situation He has given.

This past weekend was my grandson's 9th birthday.  So hard to believe that Trayden is that old!!!  Seems like just yesterday that we were rushing to get to the hospital before he was born.  And now is he is a kind-hearted, courteous little gentleman who hosted a delightful party on Saturday. 

I rushed around the house on Saturday morning, trying to tackle some cleaning and laundry since it's been rather neglected lately....and then I was off to the party!

Unfortunately, Ed and Matt (the SIL) both had to work.  But, it was good to see everyone else and spend time with family.  Here is a shot of the birthday boy, looking all grown up.......

And, of course, a silly shot!  (Because, he is a 9-year old boy, after all....)

After the guests all left, one of Bonnie's friends snapped some photos of the family for me on my camera phone.  First, Ansleigh and I cuddled up on Bonnie and did some belly-loving on Baby Autumn.  I simply can't wait until our newest little princess arrives!!!

Then, we pulled all the rest of the family in for a shot that just steals my heart every time I look at it.  Oh, I wish Eddie Dale and Matt could have been there so it would have been complete!!!

You'll have to pardon the lighting - it was an iPhone and their place gets lots of wonderful afternoon sun streaming through the blinds!  I need to play with the photos in Picasa or Picmonkey a bit and then I fully intend to upload and order some prints of these. 

Spending time with family was a nice break in the hectic routine over the weekend.  It was back to work yesterday afternoon to work the company booth at the Home & Garden Expo and then meet, greet and network with other vendors.  I have been working from home today and am still trying to get that dang laundry finished!  It has to get done, though.....I was fresh out of undies before I finally got a load in on Saturday.....not good!!!

How are things moving along with y'all?!?!?  Take a moment to leave me a note in the comment section and let me know you stopped by today!

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